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A sign Kate Middleton is on the mend? Prince William is to head on an overnight visit to Cornwall this week

The Prince of Wales has been working with a modified diary over the last few months as the Princess receives cancer treatment

Prince William will spend two days in Cornwall this week as he takes on his first overnight visit since the Princess of Wales received her cancer diagnosis.

The Prince of Wales has seen his diary modified to fit around his family life in the last few months as he rallies to support Kate Middleton during her treatment. However, it has now been announced he will spend a night away from the Princess this week as he is due to spend Thursday and Friday in Cornwall. Writing in MailOnline, Ephraim Hardcastle commented, ‘His willingness to have a night away is the best indicator yet that the Princess of Wales may be on the mend.’

Official updates to the Princess’ health have been sparse since she announced she was receiving treatment for cancer in March. At the time, she asked the public for ‘some time, space and privacy’ while she completed the course of chemotherapy. Kate has since retreated from the spotlight, but Prince William has returned to work on a modified diary. The father-of-three has spoken several times about Kate during his past few public engagements, assuring the nation he is ‘looking after’ the Princess.

During his visit to Cornwall, William will pay a visit to the site in Nansledan where the Duchy of Cornwall’s first-ever innovative housing project to help address homelessness will be built. On Friday, he will make his first official visit to the Isles of Scilly since becoming Duke of Cornwall in September 2022. During his time on St. Mary’s, William will meet representatives from local businesses on the harbour front and pay a visit to St. Mary’s Medical Centre.

It is not yet known when the Princess will return to public duty alongside her husband. Insiders told The Telegraph this month the King’s decision to return to official engagements will have eased the pressure on Kate. The Princess would normally appear at a number of events over the summer months, including Wimbledon, Royal Ascot and Trooping the Colour. Kensington Palace has said the royal will return to official duties when she is cleared by doctors, with a spokesperson saying she ‘may be keen to attend events as and when she feels able to’ but ‘any initial public events will not necessarily signal a return to a regular public schedule’.

Earlier this month, experts spoke of how challenging the balance of family life and royal duty has been for Kate Middleton and Prince William. Royal author Robert Jobson told Hello! magazine, ‘It’s been tough on both of them, not least as parents, as they try to reconcile their children’s mental well-being with the seriousness of her diagnosis.’ He went on to explain that the couple have grown ‘closer’ amidst the health battle, and called their marriage ‘unshakeable’. The royal expert continued, ‘There is no question that William has been Catherine’s rock. He is the constant in her life and she is at the heart of his.’

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