BBC EastEnders return ‘sealed’ for Jane Beale after seven years as hour-long special revealed

EastEnders viewers are convinced Jane Beale will finally return to the BBC soap for the first time since her exit in 2017, amid news of an hour-long episode for Lucy Beale’s murder anniversary

EastEnders’ Jane Beale could be making a comeback, if a fan theory is proven to be correct.

Viewers are convinced actress Laurie Brett will reprise her role as Ian Beale’s ex after details of a special episode were revealed. Later this month, the soap will air a 58-minute special, as the soap marks Lucy Beale’s murder anniversary.

It will be 10 years since the shocking storyline kicked off and Lucy was killed when the episode airs on April 17, with her death airing on April 18 2014. Spoilers for the episode tease drama for Jay Brown and Elaine Peacock supporting a friend, while it’s also teased that a fundraiser takes a dark turn.

It’s confirmed that in the episode, the Beales will gather to remember Lucy on the anniversary of her murder. Of course everyone knows now that her younger brother Bobby Beale accidentally killed his sister during an argument at their home.

Lucy and Bobby’s stepmother Jane covered up the crime for almost a year, even moving Lucy’s body to the woods. A year later and the family found out the truth, but it was another year until Bobby confessed his crime and was sent to a youth dentention centre.

EastEnders' Jane Beale could be making a comeback, if a fan theory is proven to be correct

EastEnders’ Jane Beale could be making a comeback, if a fan theory is proven to be correct

This will be the first anniversary where Lucy’s mother Cindy Beale is present, almost a year on from her coming back from the dead in a major soap twist. The news an hour-long episode is set to air in a few weeks has left viewers convinced there has to be a twist or something special planned.

While it could just be a schedule shake-up due to sport coverage airing on the channel, some fans are convinced the 10th anniversary of Lucy’s shocking death will surely bring a twist or two. Fans are convinced this could be the moment Jane Beale returns to the show, having departed in 2017 after a run-in with Max Branning who was seeking revenge, after being framed for Lucy’s murder.

Taking to social media, fans shared their thoughts that Jane will head back to Walford for the special scenes. One fan posted: “I really hope Jane comes back!!!” as another said: “The return of Jane Clarke looms x.”

A third viewer wrote: “we need our jane’s return,” as a fourth fan said: “God I want Jane Beale to come back for Lucy’s 10th anniversary and just deck Cindy Jane is a much better character than Cindy.” Another viewer said: “Manifesting jane will be back for lucys ten yr anniversary week and now with cindy back would like to see them come face to face it needs to happen.”

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