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Bold and the Beautiful: Is Poppy Lying to Bill as Dollar Signs Dance in Her Head?

Bold and the Beautiful has Bill Spencer falling hard for the free-spirited Poppy Nozawa, but she’s looking a bit more calculated in her actions lately on the CBS soap. While she spins an ever-lasting love story for Bill, Poppy also sees how lovely she could feather her bed with all the publishing giant has to offer.

Bold and the Beautiful: Poppy Nozawa Has Bill Spencer Sold

Poppy Nozawa (Romy Park) has Li Finnegan (Naomi Matsuda) out to shut down her little sister’s plans. So, on Monday, when Poppy sits down with her daughter and Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) to do the paternity test, Li busts in, spewing hatred.

She aims that hatred at Poppy, who has Luna Nozawa (Lisa Yamada) and Bill, all but convinced they are father and daughter. Li will try and put a stop to this paternity testing. Likely, she tells Bill about her sister’s risqué ways and fortune-hunting past. But it probably won’t work.

Bold and the Beautiful: Poppy Nozawa (Romy Park) - Bill Spencer (Don Diamont)

She filled Luna in earlier in the day about her promiscuous, gold-digging mom. So next week on Bold and the Beautiful, we likely find Li on a campaign to stop her sister from reeling in Bill Spencer. But Bill is already there, this man is giddy over his new free-spirited love interest.

B&B Spoilers: Poppy Supplies Test and Red Flags Fly

Bill Spencer is so trusting of Poppy Nozawa, which is not the usual way he plays out his love life. But after learning he may have left Poppy pregnant and alone 20-some-odd years ago, he seems to feel guilty. Guilt is an emotion that seems almost nonexistent in Bill.

So, when Poppy walks in with an at-home paternity test, red flags fly for Bold and the Beautiful fans. Then, when she turns to Bill Spencer and asks him if he would rather have the testing done at a lab, he says no. He is fine with what Poppy has in mind… doing it right there in his living room. So, he’s got an enormous trust level for his new soulmate.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Quick Switch and It’s Daddy Bill

Chances are Bill won’t change any plans about the testing, despite Li Finnegan making nasty accusations. But, he probably won’t forget about what Li had to say. Her words could pop up later when something seems a bit off to him. So why are some Bold and the Beautiful fans concerned about the at-home test?

Bold and the Beautiful: Poppy Nozawa (Romy Park) - Bill Spencer (Don Diamont)

It looks likely that Poppy takes charge of it, which gives her ample time alone to fiddle with the results. If she drops it in the mail and sends it to the lab, which is how most of these at-home tests work, the results get mailed to her.

To get the results she wants, it is as easy as printing off an “it’s a match” official-looking document online in PDF form, to fake results. This would be all she needs. So, when the results get mailed to her address, she could easily switch this if Bill Spencer is not Luna’s dad.

And it’s looking more like he’s probably not to some fans. Poppy Nozawa seems suddenly shifty and with Li so adamant that her sister doesn’t trap Bill, well something’s likely amiss.  So, when Poppy Nozawa and Bill Spencer find the answer next week, daddy bliss likely swirls for this trio across the screen. But fans will wonder if Poppy Nozawa is telling the truth on the CBS soap.

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