Cardi B Reacts To BACKLASH Over Met Gala Designer Name

Cardi B Addresses Backlash Over Met Gala Designer Name Slip-up

Cardi B finds herself at the center of controversy after a slip-up during a Met Gala red carpet interview, where she failed to mention the designer’s name of her stunning black gown. The rapper’s remarks sparked criticism from various quarters, leading to a clarification from Cardi herself.

On May 6th, Cardi B made a striking appearance at the Met Gala, donning a voluminous black gown designed by Sensen Lee. However, during a brief chat with Vogue’s Met correspondent Emma Chamberlain, Cardi’s response to a question about her dress raised eyebrows.

In the interview, Cardi exclaimed, “I feel amazing. Amazing is this amazing designer, they’re Asian and everything.” This statement drew backlash, particularly from Gilbert Chi, Vogue’s former managing director, who criticized Cardi for not acknowledging the designer by name.

In a now-expired social media video shared by TMZ, Cardi addressed the backlash, explaining that last-minute changes on the red carpet left her flustered, causing her to forget the designer’s name. She clarified that she referred to the designer as Asian because she knew their ethnicity but wasn’t certain about their nationality.

Responding to Chi’s criticism, Cardi emphasized the hard work put in by the designer and her stylist to adhere to the Met Gala theme. She expressed disappointment in Chi’s remarks, stating that they not only targeted her but also undermined the efforts of the fashion team behind the scenes.

Despite the slip-up, Cardi extended gratitude to the designer on her Instagram page after the gala, acknowledging Sensen Lee’s contribution in making the event memorable. She posted, “I have to give another thank you to [Sensen]. I chose you because of your amazing talent, and you came through really making this Met Gala A Night to Remember,” alongside a black heart emoji.

While Cardi’s oversight caused a stir, her subsequent acknowledgment of the designer’s work highlights the importance of recognizing the talent and effort behind high-profile fashion events like the Met Gala. E! News reached out to Gilbert Chi for comment but has not received a response at the time of reporting.

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