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Days of Our Lives Is Poised to Bring On the Pot-Stirrer Guaranteed to Give Xander the Mother of All Headaches

Days of Our Lives Is Poised to Bring On the Pot-Stirrer Guaranteed to Give Xander the Mother of All Headaches

Days mashup Victor and Xander looking at a mystery woman


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We’ve been waiting for years to find out something, anything about Xander’s mother on Days of Our Lives other than that Xander got her name (Cook), instead of the Kiriakis name. We finally got to “hear” from her, in a way, when Theresa and Konstantin tracked down the letter she wrote to Victor declaring Xander his son, rather than Titus’.

But we still didn’t get much information on her — and that includes even a name — seeing as how they promptly changed the letter. Instead of Xander being Victor’s son, they made Alex his kid when they switched out the true author’s name for Anjelica Deveraux’s.

In hazy flashback lighting, a look of realization washes over Theresa's face.

Now, though, seemingly out of nowhere, Days of Our Lives has brought Xander’s mom back into the forefront with Sarah pushing Xander to talk to her for Mother’s Day. (And mentioning how odd it is that she’s never met Victoria’s other grandmother!)

Xander quickly shoved her questions and concerns aside to some decently ominous music, telling Sarah that him wanting nothing to do with his mom should be enough for her. As if. That’s never the end.

She was brought up for a reason, and we have a sneaking suspicion that we’ll be meeting her soon. After all, if there’s anyone who can expose Theresa and Konstantin’s heir-making of Alex for the lie it is, it’s the woman who wrote the letter they changed.

With her hands on his chest, Sarah looks up at a frowning Xander

Konstantin may be about to be exposed, but that doesn’t mean he’ll want to get into further hot water and expose what he and Theresa did. In fact, he could still push her to finish seducing Alex so he can get his hands on something. Plus, if he survives all this, he’s going to have a lot of legal expenses to pay…

Xander’s mom, in other words, could be the key to it all. Maybe she’ll come to Salem, finally getting wind that not only is Victor dead, but that Alex is getting the Kiriakis fortune as the secret heir. Yes, she begged Victor to stay quiet on Xander’s true parentage, but finding out someone else claimed the title could drive her to reveal the truth.

Or maybe Sarah decides she doesn’t want to leave well enough alone and contacts Xander’s mom in the hopes of getting them to reconcile. After all, as she said, they’ve got baby Victoria now and she should know both her grandmothers.

Standing with Sarah, Xander holds bills, and glares at a sitting Victor at the Kiriakis mansion

No matter how it goes down, based on Xander’s reaction, we don’t see it going well. There’s bad blood between them (though it could just as easily be Xander’s fault as his mom’s seeing as how he did use to be a murdering sociopath) and the confrontation between the two is bound to be explosive.

On top of all that, Days of Our Lives just hired English actress Serena Scott Thomas for a mystery role. At first, we were thinking that she would end up playing Konstantin’s wife. But now that that story seems to be wrapping up with Maggie getting in on the plan to take him down, we’re thinking the woman who once played Princess Diana herself might be taking on a role a bit closer to home.

No, she’s not Scottish, but while we know Xander was raised in Scotland, we don’t know what his mom’s deal was. She could have brought Xander there because she had family in Scotland but was raised in England. Also, she can always put on an accent if need be. Just ask Konstantin.

What do you think? Are we finally going to meet Xander’s mom? And could Scott Thomas be the woman we’ve been waiting nearly a decade for?

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