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Days of Our Lives Preview: Clyde Reveals a Huge Secret to Chad After His Capture — and Sloan Has Something to Tell Eric

Chad shoots CLyde Days


In a Days of Our Lives for  June 3-7, it’s as if it’s a whole new Days of Our Lives! Read what happens and watch the preview below.


The scab writers from last year’s writers’ strike are gone, so get ready for some big changes! First up, Theresa’s gone from Alex to back to wanting Brady. Meanwhile, Kristen is also done with Alex. Let’s just take a guess, does she too want Brady again?

Last week Rafe, thanks to Eric’s help, figured out the newly appointed DA Melinda Trask played a vital role in handing over Nicole’s son Jude to Melinda. Unfortunately, it appears Melinda is going to dangle Gabi’s release from prison for not killing Li over Rafe’s head, you know, the case former DA DiMera refused to reopen.

Melinda offers a deal

It’s Konstantin and Maggie’s wedding day, but she, John and Steve have set a trap for him. Will they be able to chop the head off this snake?

Sloan attempted to make peace with Nicole, before skipping town. Unfortunately for Sloan, Nicole gave her a piece of her fist. Eric arrived before Sloan could slink off, and was just as angry as she let him fall in love with a child that wasn’t his. Coming up, it appears that Sloan may be offering up the whole truth finally, and that Eric is the father of little Jude!

Eric learns the truth about Jude Days

Finally, Harris has Clyde in custody, but Chad wants vengeance for Abigail and hold him at gunpoint. That’s when Clyde reveals, “Abigail is alive!” So what, is she hanging out in the afterlife while her body is in one of Megan’s chambers?

Be sure to read our Days of Our Lives spoilers to find out who else confronts Melinda next week, and what move Sarah makes involving Xander.

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