EastEnders’ Heather Peace opens up about friendship with ‘best pal’ Lacey Turner

EastEnders’ Heather Peace opens up about friendship with ‘best pal’ Lanercey Tur

EastEnders star Heather Peace has opened up about the real life bond that she shares with co-star Lacey Turner as she admits that they connected from the first time that they met on set

The 48 year old star who plays Eve Unwin in the BBC soap, said in a recent interview that from the first moment she met Lacey, who plays Stacey Slater, she felt a connection. Heather, who is also known for playing Nikki Boston in Waterloo Road said: “I haven’t made a friend like Lacey for a long time. As you get older, those friendships don’t come along very often. ”

Heather Peace says that co-star Lacey Turner is her best pal

Heather Peace says that co-star Lacey Turner is her best pal 

She added: “From day one, we connected, and she’s one of my best pals. Lacey is an absolute diamond – I’d trust her with anything.” Since her arrival, Heather has shared countless scenes with Lacey as her character Eve Unwin played the wife of Stacey Slater.

The pair had initially met in prison but decided to pretend that they had got married so Eve could convince the probation officers that she had somewhere to live. Since then the duo have been inseparable and Eve quickly became part of the Slater family.

But Eve soon found herself immersed in another hard hitting storyline as she fell in love with Suki Panesar, who is a traditional wife and mother. The pair become involved in an affair behind Suki’s husband’s back but on the day of her vow renewal, she confessed her love for Eve.

And sharing such close scenes may explain why Heather also counts Balvinder Sopal as one of her close friends. She went on to add: “I’m so lucky I get to work with her, Gillian Wright and Balvinder Sopal – phenomenal women.” Heather also revealed that her most rewarding scene was that between Eve and Suki in the bedroom when Suki finally lets her guard down, throws caution to the wind and kisses Eve.

Speaking of that scene Heather said that it touched her because “it felt so earned.” She added: “These are two souls who are magnetic and can’t keep away from each other. We wanted to choreograph it so taking that next step was led by Suki. It’s a beautiful, peaceful love story, and Suki had to lead that moment.”

Before landing the role as Eve in EastEnders, Heather was warned by her actor friends that jobs start to become few and far between when actors are in their 40’s. And that is why she felt playing Eve was a “gift.” She continued: “I’ve been in this business for over 20 years, and people always warned me ‘beware your 40s!’ There’s a casting blind spot where people think you are too old to play the love interest and not old enough to be the matriarch, but it’s not the case in soap. With Eve, I’ve been given a gift – no part has ever felt so right.”

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