EastEnders spoilers – Gutted Sonia receives bad news from the doctor

Sonia Jackson (Natalie Cassidy) is so face further heartbreak in her IVF journey in upcoming EastEnders scenes.

Viewers of the BBC soap have watched the long-term Walford resident has been struggling to conceive a baby with boyfriend Reiss Colwell (Jonny Freeman) for months.

Concerned that she needed to change her diet and routine to stand a better chance of falling pregnant, he became overbearing and ended up driving a wedge in their relationship.

Sonia became frustrated with his actions and the two wondered whether they should continue.

So far, the treatment has been unsuccessful which has devastated them both.

Zack, Sonia and Bianca stand in the hospital in EastEnders
Sonia found out about Whit’s pregnancy in Milton Keynes  
A sad-looking Sonia and Reiss hug in EastEnders
The couple have struggled to conceive  

When Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) fell pregnant, she decided to keep her news secret but it was exposed after being hit by a speeding car on her trip to Milton Keynes.

Sonia was saddened to hear that she didn’t feel like she could open up, and had a heart to heart with sister Bianca (Patsy Palmer).

Upon her return to Albert Square, she confessed what she’d learnt to Reiss and he tried in vain to cheer her up.

Dressing up as a rabbit and showering her with gifts, she once again felt like they were going in circles and perhaps it was time to call it a day – until he presented her with a journal to write to her future baby.

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