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General Hospital Prediction: Jason’s Secret a Ticking Time Bomb

General Hospital predictions believe Jason Morgan‘s secret about why he’s been gone for nearly three years will eventually explode and cause chaos on the ABC soap.

Jason Morgan Keeping Massive Secret on General Hospital

Recently, on GH, Jason Morgan revealed to Anna Devane what the FBI is holding over his head that kept him away from Port Charles for more than two years. He’s keeping it a secret, but he told Anna because she’s the police commissioner.

Plus, they’re working together to take down Pikeman. It turns out that the FBI has a recording proving Carly Corinthos Spencer was running Sonny Corinthos’ mob business when he was presumed dead. Of course, this was back when the organization was under siege.

Carly and her family were in danger from the other mob families. Jason was going to take Sonny’s place on General Hospital. But, he wound up shot while he was supposed to meet with the Five Families. So, Carly had no choice but to go in his place.

But now, come to find out, the Feds have it all on tape. So, if Jason didn’t agree to be an informant for the FBI, Carly would face RICO violations and at least 20 years in prison. Of course, he will do anything to protect Carly.

He will not let her go to prison — mostly for the sake of her children. However, he doesn’t want her to know he’s protecting her. He thinks she’ll blame herself for stopping him from coming home.

He’s right, but she’s not the only one who will be upset. Now, Jason is close to getting his life back. But, his giant secret is hanging over him and could jeopardize his future with those closest to him.

General Hospital Prediction: Jason Morgan (Steve Burton)

“Liason” Reunion Ahead on GH?

Currently, on General Hospital, it looks like a reunion could be coming for Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and his former flame, Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst). She just broke up with Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) because he cheated on her while in a drunken stupor.

Right now, Finn is in the middle of an alcoholic spiral and he’s only getting worse. Also, there’s a good chance he could be on his way out of the soap soon. Indeed, it seems that General Hospital is setting the stage for Jason to rekindle his old romance with Elizabeth.

They were madly in love back in the day and wildly popular with fans. Plus, they share a son — Jake Webber (Hudson West). It’s been so many years since they’ve been together and “Liason” fans would be ecstatic over their reunion.

However, when Elizabeth learns that Jason could have come home but choose to help Carly Corinthos Spencer (Laura Wright) instead, she will likely be livid. And the truth may come out sooner rather than later. So, if they do reunite, it could be short-lived.

General Hospital Prediction: Shocking Truth Blows up in Jason’s Face?

Currently, Jason’s other ex and baby mama, Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco), is on a mission. She won’t stop until she uncovers what leverage FBI Agent John “Jagger” Cates (Adam Harrington) has on Jason. She thinks she’s helping him but she’s in for a shock.

When Sam discovers the real reason Jason is helping the Feds she’ll be furious. She was already angry with Jason for not being there for their son, Danny Morgan (Asher Antonyzyn). But she softened when he told  her he’s being forced by Agent Cates.

However, it appears she will get all the details soon on General Hospital. No doubt, it’s sure to be a shock when she finds out that Jason did choose to stay away. He chose Carly’s freedom over coming home to his two sons. He could have chosen Jake and Danny and let Carly go to prison.

But, like always, he put Carly first and Sam may never forgive him for it. Furthermore, Elizabeth may feel the same way as Sam. She may also feel that Jason put Carly over his children and everyone else who thought he was dead.

So, hopefully, “Liason” will rise again but they could very well be over as quickly as they start. GH is absolute fire right now. Make sure to tune in daily to see what goes down when everyone finds out Jason Morgan stayed away to protect Carly on the ABC daytime drama.

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