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General Hospital Preview: Brook Lynn and Chase’s Wedding Day Ends in Tragedy

General Hospital Preview: Brook Lynn and Chase’s Wedding Day Ends in Tragedy

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In General Hospital’s preview for the week of May 13-17, Brook Lynn and Chase’s wedding reception turns into a blood bath. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

It’s the week everyone has been waiting for, Brook Lynn and Chase’s wedding is finally here! The Quartermaine, Cerrulo, Falconeri, and Chase families all gather to celebrate, including Brook Lynn’s grandparents Carmine and Gloria.

In the latest promo, Brook Lynn dresses for her special day and says, “Let’s get this wedding started!” Chase stands at the altar with his best man and brother Finn, as proud parents Lois and Ned are beaming.

As Gregory is ready to preside over the nuptials, Olivia can be heard saying, “Everything has to go off without a hitch.” Of course it does, the Metro Court is hosting the reception! Cut to Spinelli on his phone looking concerned…

As Finn appears to pause when handed a drink of champagne, Anna can be heard saying, “We’ve got trouble.”

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Suddenly, Sonny shouts, “You know what I do to traitors?” Sonny is shown staring at Dex, who is talking to Brook Lynn’s cousin Giovanni Cerullo, played by Giovanni Mazza.

The promo ends as a voice is heard saying, “He’s lost a lot of blood” and another, “Let’s get him to trauma one!” Has Sonny shot Dex? Or was someone else hit? Or could this simply be how Gregory goes out? Find out by tuning in this week. Also read why we said Brook Lynn and Chase’s wedding is the perfect event for a manic Sonny meltdown!

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