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general Hospital Spoilers: Laura Wright On Difficult Anniversary, Losing “Mom”

On May 9, 2023 Zeman, who played Bobbi Spencer died. Zeman began playing Bobbi in 1977 through 2010. She returned in 2013 and continued as Bobbi until she passed.

General Hospital Spoilers – General Hospital Said Goodbye To Both Jaclyn Zeman And Bobbi Spencer

Because of the writers’ strike, the show didn’t actually address Bobbi’s death until earlier this year. Even though a little bit of time had passed, saying goodbye was not easy for the cast.

General Hospital Spoilers: Laura Wright On Difficult Anniversary, Losing "Mom"

The soap filmed episodes which aired earlier this year in which Bobbie died and the cast said goodbye. But it was extremely difficult for the cast because they weren’t just saying goodbye to Bobbie, but Zeman too.

Wright said that the tears shed during filming Bobbie’s memorial service were real and lasted four days.

GH Spoilers – Filming Bobbie Spencer’s Memorial Were Difficult For The Cast!

When interviewed by Soap Opera Digest, Wright said that she felt that Zeman was with them during filming because after filming of the memorial was completed, there was a bright rainbow in the sky.

Many of the actors didn’t have much time to really decompress because they had to be back filming the following day.

The show decided to honor both Zeman and Bobbie by renaming Kelly’s Diner to Bobbie’s. Wright joined the cast of General Hospital which means she worked with Zeman the whole time, except during the three years Bobbie was off canvas from 2010 – 2013.

General Hosptial Spoilers – Bobbie Spencer Was Loved!

Wright’s Carly came to town seeking revenge on Bobbie for giving her up for adoption. Carly didn’t have the best childhood and she blamed Bobbie.

Carly did some terrible things to Bobbie in those early years but as time passed they were able to form a very strong bond as mother and daughter.

Bobbie saw Carly through some of the best and worst times of her life. Carly gave Bobbie four grandchildren and they were closer than ever by the time Bobbie passed away.

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