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General Hospital’s John May Want to Rethink Getting too Close to Carly or Jason ‘Might Have to Make Jagger Disappear’

General Hospital’s John May Want to Rethink Getting too Close to Carly or Jason ‘Might Have to Make Jagger Disappear’

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Sometimes sparks fly from the most unexpected of places — like those between General Hospital’s Carly and John, the man who’s spent years holding threats against her over Jason’s head to get him to cooperate! But perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that they’ve been growing closer. After all, anyone who starts out as antagonistic as those two are bound to heat up sooner or later!

But the point remains that for years, John viewed Carly as little more than a means to an end to get Jason to do the FBI’s dirty work. And it worked really, really well. In fact, tomorrow, according to spoilers, John is going to sit down and have a chat with Jason about Carly. He might want to think very, very carefully about what he says, though.

Because, as Steve Burton insisted on a recent episode of his and Bradford Anderson’s (Spinelli) The Daily Drama Podcast, Jason’s got a strong, protective connection to her. That much is obvious, of course. But it’s not necessarily that Jason’s doing this out of a special kind of love for Carly, but, Burton said, “maybe Jason’s a little loyal to a fault. And he’s always been a selfless person. It doesn’t matter to him.”


Still, the FBI backed him into a corner because, “They were playing on my emotional connection with Carly. To say that I wouldn’t have done it for someone else, I don’t think it’s true. But going back to Carly, everybody knows that I would do this to Carly.”

So getting back to that talk John’s going to have with Jason — he might not want to let on that the two are getting closer. Because when Anderson asked things would be complicated if John and Carly got close, Burton paused a beat before answering.

“Yeah,” he finally said, “that would be very complicated. And I sure would say something. And then we might have to make Jagger disappear.”

John and Cates GH

Wait, what? Why didn’t he just do that from the beginning, then?

“No,” Burton laughed, “I’m kidding. Do I do that anymore? I don’t even know if that’s my occupation anymore. You’re going to find out soon, I’m sure.”

OK, whew. Because we have a feeling killing an FBI agent might make Jason disappear pretty darn quick, too. But the point still stands. Whatever Jason feels for Carly, he would have a huge problem if she hooked up with his former high school pal, Jagger. He may not actually take him out (we think), but we’ve got a feeling he won’t have any problem blowing that budding relationship right out of the water, consequences be damned.

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