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Golden Buzzer Glory: 9-Year-Old Pranysqa Mishra Stuns AGT With Stunning Tina Turner Cover.

Discover Pranysqa Mishra, the young AGT sensation captivating hearts with her powerful vocals and inspiring journey.

This isn’t Mishra’s first time in the spotlight. She gained recognition for her stirring performances at various sports events, including singing both the Indian national anthem and ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ at NCAA basketball games back in February 2021. Her voice has also resonated across NBA and NHL arenas, and she even opened the 2023 US Open Tennis Championships to thunderous applause, including from actor Danny DeVito.

Pranysqa Mishra attributes her vocal prowess to her choral instructor, Sharmayne Thomas, whom she admires and follows on Instagram (@confidentvoiceacademy). In a recent interview, Mishra revealed that her grandmother serves as her inspiration, a sentiment she shared after her exhilarating AGT audition.

During her AGT performance, Mishra expressed her admiration for legendary singers such as Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, and Whitney Houston, whom she looks up to for inspiration. Her musical journey began early, watching YouTube tutorials to learn songs by herself. A cherished moment captured on her father’s YouTube channel shows Mishra singing Sia’s “Cheap Thrills” at just two years and nine months old.

Born to parents of Indian descent – her father from Chennai and mother from Delhi – Mishra embodies a rich cultural heritage, blending Indian roots with her American-Canadian upbringing. Her parents nurtured her musical talents from a young age, enrolling her in piano lessons and encouraging her to perform for local communities since she was five years old.

Despite her burgeoning fame, Mishra remains grounded, supported by her family who have a musical background. They help fine-tune her pitch, alongside an online vocal coach from Atlanta who guides her with weekly warm-ups.

Pranysqa Mishra’s journey on America’s Got Talent is not just about showcasing her vocal gifts but also celebrating her passion for music and her multicultural heritage, inspiring countless young talents around the globe.

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