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Inside Princess Kate’s ‘close’ friendship with Wimbledon legend Roger Federer – from his Prince George lessons to ‘fun’ at tournament together

Princess Kate and tennis icon Roger Federer share a delightful friendship.

The Princess of Wales, being a Patron and avid sports enthusiast, frequently attends tennis matches, notably including the Wimbledon tournament. The event will be broadcast on Sunday, July 7th.

Kate’s enthusiasm for the sport has resulted in a delightful connection with tennis champion Roger Federer.

Kate is believed to have been excellent friends with Roger for a considerable number of years. In addition to her royal family, she frequently accompanies Roger to his matches, which typically result in a victorious outcome.

However, what kind gesture did Roger do for Kate’s kid, Prince George? Why did Kate violate royal protocol after her encounter with Roger?

Princess Kate attending Wimbledon
Prior to her marriage to Prince William in 2011, Kate has consistently visited Wimbledon, and she has been present practically every year since.

In the 2017 BBC documentary “Sue Barker: Our Wimbledon,” Kate discussed her passion for tennis.

She expressed, “I have observed Wimbledon, which played a significant role in my formative years.” The English summer is greatly defined by this fundamental aspect, which serves as a significant source of inspiration for young individuals, including myself. It motivated me to actively participate in the game throughout my earlier years. The lack of change in it is what makes it so marvelous, in my opinion.

Kate and Roger Federer enjoyed themselves at Wimbledon.
Tennis icon Roger Federer announced his retirement from the sport in 2022. His career lasted for more than twenty years and he received numerous honors over that time.

However, even though he has retired, Roger continues to engage in the activity of sitting down and observing a game.
“I thoroughly enjoyed sitting beside Princess Catherine.” I am familiar with her to a significant extent.

In 2023, he enlisted Kate to see the Wimbledon tournament in Wales. As per Roger, the duo had an enjoyable experience.

“I thoroughly enjoyed sitting beside Princess Catherine.” “I am acquainted with her to a significant extent,” Roger informed The New York Times. He stated, “She possesses a strong enthusiasm for tennis and actively participates in the sport.”

Roger Federer’s kind gesture towards Prince George
In 2022, it was disclosed that Roger had provided Prince George, the son of Kate, with a tennis lesson. The lesson occurred in the Norfolk residence of the family in the year 2019.

Regarding the lesson, Roger expressed, “At that particular point, the primary focus is simply making contact with the ball, which is already satisfactory.” My boys feel the same way.

When questioned about his feelings on the prince’s admiration for him, the tennis player responded by acknowledging that he had an advantage due to having spent some time with him.

“I am the sole player he has encountered.” Then you have a slight advantage in determining who your favorite player is.

Princess Kate violated royal protocol.
In 2017, Kate surprised admirers by bestowing three kisses on Roger’s cheeks.

Kate was accompanied by her husband Prince William at a tennis match where they witnessed Roger’s historic achievement of winning his eighth men’s Wimbledon title over Croatian Marin Cilic.

In celebration of his victorious triumph, Kate deviated from royal decorum and bestowed a kiss onto his cheek. In Switzerland, it is customary to greet with three kisses.

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