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Kaley Cuoco Jokes About Strangling Woman Who Questioned Her Parenting on Plane: ‘Everyone Judges’


Kaley Cuoco reached her breaking point as a mom during her daughter’s first flight and revealed she’s done with all the “judgements.”

Although Cuoco, 38, called motherhood “incredible,” she told Jimmy Kimmel on Monday, January 8, that there are “a lot of judgements” that come with raising a child.

“I feel like everyone judges what you do with your kid,” she explained during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Cuoco, who shares 9-month-old daughter Matilda with partner Tom Pelphrey, pointed to her family’s plane ride over Thanksgiving as the perfect example of people weighing in on other’s parenting styles.

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“It was our first flight ever with this baby, which is terrifying. We were very terrified. I thought, ‘What do we do? We have to bring her sound machine on the plane,’” Cuoco recalled. “It’s the only thing she can go to sleep to. [We have] to actually turn it on so she’ll fall asleep on the plane.”

The Role Play actress explained that during the flight she put the sound machine on right next to Matilda’s ear to soothe her crying.

After Matilda fell asleep on Pelphrey, 41, Cuoco remembered a flight attendant coming over and saying, “‘Hey, one of our passengers would love it if you turned the sound machine off.’ I’m sitting there like, ‘Oh, my god,’” she recounted. “I can feel Tom be like, ‘Hey, ask the passenger if she wants to hold our screaming child when we turn it [off].’ The ice went into his veins.”

Cuoco said the couple were “so angry” and it only got worse when they landed, and Matilda started to act happy and excited again. “It was the woman right in front of us [who complained],” the Big Bang Theory alum told Kimmel, 56. “The lady turns around and goes, ‘Oh, so your daughter does know how to smile.’”

Cuoco was stunned, confessing, “It was in that moment where I understood why women end up on Dateline. I could have strangled [her]. This moment, I could’ve thrown that woman off the plane.”

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The Harley Quinn actress noted that people need to stop getting mad at kids on planes, joking that we need “justice for babies.” Cuoco explained that the judgements on her parenting tactics don’t stop with plane rides. “I just think I’m doing everything the opposite of what people are doing,” she admitted.

Cuoco revealed that she doesn’t sanitize and lets Matilda watch TV. “Matilda just watched the first season of Succession the other week. I’m not kidding,” she said, asking fans to “stop judging the moms out there! Let them watch Succession.”

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