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Kaley Cuoco’s time to participate in Big Bang Theory 2024 is revealed

Kaley Cuoco is way more likely to return to The Big Bang Theory after 2024, following a handful of failed projects and the franchise's continuation.

Kaley Cuoco’s possible return in a revival of The Big Bang Theory is more likely than ever in 2024, following some failed projects for the actor and renewed interest in the sitcom franchise. Cuoco has been part of The Big Bang Theory cast since season 1, portraying Sheldon and Leonard’s neighbor Penny throughout the series. She and Leonard end up getting married in season 9, and are still together by the series finale.

Following the end of The Big Bang Theory, Cuoco has been in many projects across television and film. While some have been successful, like her role as the titular Harley Quinn and as Ava in Based on a True Story, others haven’t been as fruitful. Her 2024 action comedy film Role Play was critically panned, garnering a Rotten Tomatoes score of 27% with critics and 44% with audiences. In addition, her Max original series, The Flight Attendant, was canceled after season 2.

Kaley Cuoco Is Game For A Big Bang Theory Revival (& It’s More Likely After 2024)

Cuoco expressed interest in a reunion in 2021

Leonard Hoftstadter and Penny in The Big Bang Theory

The mixed reception of Cuoco’s newer projects could be swayed by a revival of The Big Bang Theory. In August 2021, Cuoco told Variety she would be open to a TBBT cast reunion, similar to Friends: The Reunion earlier that year. Interest in the franchise is still strong in 2024; while Young Sheldon season 7 will be the prequel’s last, it’s making way for a spinoff about George and Mandy. With no end in sight to the number of stories that can be told in its universe, The Big Bang Theory getting revived seems like a stronger possibility than ever.

As disappointing as it must be for Cuoco to lose out on The Flight Attendant continuing, the show’s cancelation frees up space in her schedule for a new project. Since The Big Bang Theory franchise is still prevalent even after its main show ended in 2019, the success of its prequel could justify a reunion later down the line. Depending on how many members of the cast could return, a revival could begin in the form of The Big Bang Theory season 13.

Cuoco’s interest and freed-up project schedule could result in a revival or sequel with Penny at the forefront.

How A Big Bang Theory Revival With The Original Cast Could Work

The revival could be a special or an entirely new series with limited returning cast members

Actor availability might make a full season 13 of The Big Bang Theory challenging, especially if only a handful of familiar faces could come back. It might be more viable for the reunion to go the same route as Friends, focusing on stars like Cuoco going on a trip down memory lane. It could also take a page from Young Sheldon‘s George and Mandy spinoff, focusing on only a particular set of characters in a new show. Given Cuoco’s interest in a return, one possibility is a series about Penny and Leonard starting a family years after the main series.

Johnny Galecki as Leonard, Melissa Rauch as Bernadette, Jim Parsons as Sheldon, Mayim Bialik as Amy, and Simon Helberg as Howard sitting on a couch in The Big Bang Theory's The Holiday Summation

Due to how definitively The Big Bang Theory ended, it may be difficult to come up with a justifiable reason to bring the series back. However, Cuoco’s interest and freed-up project schedule could result in a revival or sequel with Penny at the forefront. Even seeing the cast reflect on the sitcom would be a fitting bookend, fulfilling Cuoco’s hopes for a series reunion.

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