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Kate Middleton news: Princess of Wales’ private medical records leaked amid cancer treatment? London Clinic under probe

As the hospital probes an employee for unauthorised access to Kate Middleton's medical records, experts suggest managers may have set a 'decoy' trap.

An investigation is going on to probe into an alleged data breach at The London Clinic, where Kate Middleton had her abdominal surgery. However, experts believe her personal medical records may still be safe. Check out why.

It is illegal for any healthcare worker, whether in the NHS or private sector, to view a patient’s medical records without permission from the person in charge of the organization’s data.

Hospital officials started an investigation following allegations that at least one employee tried to look at Kate’s personal information after her surgery in January.

However, experts think that hospital staff at the top hospital, allegedly involved in a data breach of the Princess of Wales’ medical records, might have faced a ‘decoy’ trap set by their managers, the Daily Mail reported.

Three months later, The London Clinic is still being investigated, and the case has not been sent to Scotland Yard. Maria Caulfield, the Minister of State for Health, said in March that the police would investigate it.

Several data experts have told the publication that, if there had been a breach, staff might have been trapped using a ‘decoy’ method that private hospitals with famous clients often use.

What is a ‘decoy’ file?

Hospitals often use a fake name to keep VIP patients’ health data safe. They also make a ‘decoy’ file with the celebrity’s real name filled with fake information. This is checked regularly to catch any staff who look at it without permission.

If someone does look at the decoy file, it helps the hospital identify and address privacy breaches. This method ensures that the personal health details of famous patients are protected from unauthorised viewing.

Moreover, even if any information is leaked, the VIP patient’s records will remain private since the perpetrator would trust the ‘fake’ file.

Kate Middleton has been undergoing cancer treatment and kept herself away from public life during the recovery process.

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