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Kate Middleton will only meet Prince Harry on one condition, expert claims

Princess Kate will only agree to meet with Prince Harry during his upcoming UK visit if a directive comes from the top, according to a Royal expert

Princess Kate is only willing to meet Prince Harry under one particular condition, much to the disappointment of the prince. This revelation was made by Ingrid Seward, a well-known analyst of Royal matters.

As per her understanding, Princess Kate would only entertain the possibility of meeting her brother-in-law during his imminent UK tour if a decree came down from the monarch itself. She explained to the Mirror, “If the King asks, she will do it, but Charles being the sensitive and understanding soul he is, would be unlikely to ask such a favour from his adored daughter-in-law. The time must be right, and it not right now.”

As far as Prince William is concerned, Seward implied that it’s “unlikely” he’ll be keen on catching up with Harry, asserting: “William has enough going on and doesn’t need the stress. But he might realise Harry will want to see Kate after her cancer diagnosis as they were once so close.”

The question remains whether Kate feels equipped or even willing to brave this ordeal, as expressed by Seward, “It remains to be seen if Kate is willing and able to face up to it. Does she have the energy to begin to try and heal the rift between the brothers or will she prefer to remain in the background? “.

The King has been providing support to his “beloved daughter-in-law” in recent weeks, especially after her cancer diagnosis. After her heartfelt address to the nation on 22 March, where she revealed her diagnosis, the King, who was also diagnosed with a form of cancer earlier this year, expressed his admiration by stating he was “so proud of Catherine for speaking as she did”.

Meghan Markle has chosen not to join Harry on his UK trip and will instead meet up with him in Nigeria after his visit. The couple have confirmed their plans to journey to the African country shortly after Harry’s UK appearance.

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