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King Charles treats Kate Middleton as ‘equal’ and ‘chuckles’ during animated chats, says expert

King Charles III is treating Kate Middleton as “an equal” while showing his “obvious pride and gratitude” for his daughter-in-law, according to a body language expert.

Britain put on a display of birthday pageantry today for His Majesty known as the Trooping of the Colour. This military parade marks the Princess of Wales’ first public appearance since her cancer diagnosis earlier this year. The annual event was also a show of stability by the monarchy after months in which both the King Charles and Princess Kate – the wife of the heir to the throne Prince William – had been sidelined by cancer treatment.

In a symbolic display of unity, King Charles, Queen Camilla, Prince William, Princess Kate, and their three children were joined by other members of the Royal family on a Buckingham Palace balcony at the end of the King’s Birthday Parade. The family waved to the gathered crowd as they watched a flyby of military aircraft to cap ceremonies marking the monarch’s birthday.

King Charles III and Kate Middleton

King Charles and Kate Middleton were seen sharing a lively chat during his birthday parade

Body language expert Judi James analyzed the balcony appearance and believed that Charles was openly showing his adoration for his “beautiful daughter-in-law.” She told The Mirror: “Charles let his feelings of pride and even gratitude towards his beautiful daughter-in-law be made obvious on their balcony appearance.”

She continued: “Kate was treated by Charles as both a status equal and a cherished relation. Positioned directly next to him in the line-up, it was Kate who received the majority of the King’s attention. Their conversations appeared lively and ended in shared laughter on several occasions. The way Kate leaned towards Charles to converse at the beginning suggested a mutually supportive relationship.”

Kate Middleton and King Charles

The pair seemed to be cracking jokes and smiling together throughout the parade 

And added: “As the chats progressed, Kate seemed more relaxed and by the end of the appearance her broad, playful, dimpled smile had returned. Charles also appeared appreciative of the empathetic bond with Kate, looking close to tears during the anthem due to the crowd’s support for them both.”

Kate and William gave the fans a glimpse of their love after William amused the children and Kate made Charles laugh. It was a brief but incredibly revealing look exchanged between them, with William’s puckered smile displaying suppressed emotions of love, affection and gratitude, while Kate flashed back that dimpled and very congruent smile of delight to reassure her husband that all was well and the day had been successful.”

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