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Looking back at old incidents: BBC blasted over Kate Middleton’s ‘tone deaf’ and ‘out of touch’ Children In Need cameo

Kate Middleton ‘s Children In Need cameo didn’t go down to well with many BBC One viewers earlier this evening.

The future Queen of England, 41, opened the annual televised fundraiser at 7pm with a pre-recorded video message, during which the mum-of-three told those watching at home that Children In Need is “all about helping to support, champion and empower all children to be the very best they can be”.

Many took to social media to argue Kate – who wore a £315 Lisou blouse to film the segment – wasn’t the best choice to open the show. Kate, who briefly worked part-time as an accessories buyer with British retailer Jigsaw before Prince William popped the question – was branded “tone deaf” and “out of touch” by critics online tonight.

“I hope Kate Middleton is going to announce a 10 per cent cut in Royal funding from public taxes. Think how much that would raise for charity,” one BBC viewer fumed on Twitter (aka X) following the royal’s speech, with another adding: “What the hell is Kate doing opening Children in Need? So out of touch. Not a good start.”

Many more agreed, with one unimpressed viewer blasting the BBC as they tweeted: “A billionaire opening the Children In Need show on BBC. Asking society for donations. Tone deaf, @bbc…” Another disappointed social media user raged: “@BBC So Kate Middleton who owns several homes just popped up on #ChildrenInNeed, last year it raised about £20m. Or £354m less than we gave the royals to t**t up Buckingham Palace. The hypocrisy.”

Speaking in the video message, Kate – whose husband boasts a vast £1billion empire – began saying: “Hello everyone. I’m delighted that Children in Need have invited me to open this evening’s show. Tonight is all about helping to support, champion and empower all children to be the very best they can be, which is crucial for their future health and happiness.

“Our relationships, surroundings and experiences during the earliest years lay the foundations that shape the rest of our lives. And yet sadly, we know that for too many people, stressful and traumatic situations in early childhood can cause harm and it can take many years to overcome.

She continued: “It is vital, therefore, that we nurture every childhood and why the sorts of projects supported by Children in Need are so important. They help the very youngest, most vulnerable members of our society feel safe, secure and loved in these important, formative years, so that they can enjoy their childhoods now, and grow to reach their potential and thrive in the world in later life.

Kate concluded her pre-recorded message saying: “I hope you enjoy this evening’s show and best of luck to all those taking part in challenges and the incredible fundraising effort.”

Those are just small incidents in the past, let’s pray for the princess’s health and hope she has better health.

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