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‘No-needle Botox serum’ used by Kate Middleton said to ‘take years off’ has price reduced

Fans of the Princess of Wales can now nab one of her rumoured beauty staples for themselves, as Kate Middleton’s anti-wrinkle serum Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel is available online for £39. This ultra-hydrating facial solution, originating from Germany, is frequently dubbed as the ‘no-needle Botox’ because it closely mimics Botox’s effect without any needle use.

The royal’s MUA, Carl Ray, disclosed that this innovative skincare product bags a spot in Kate’s skincare regime, owing to its impressive anti-ageing properties. Celebrated as a ‘natural substitute for Botox’, the serum has long-lasting results of up to nine hours, promising to deliver skin both smooth and supple.

One happy customer praised the product for turning back time saying ‘takes years off you as it tightens and wrinkles disappear’, while another user adored the instant face-lift effect after application saying that they ‘love the tightening feel the product has on the face upon applying.’

Engineered to slow down muscle contractions which subsequently relax the face, the anti-ageing treatment carries an active ingredient known as spilanthol. Derived from plants, this compound is effective in softening fine lines caused by the movement of the face. The formula also incorporates hyaluronic acid, ensuring continuously hydrated and plumper looking skin.

Biotulin guarantees results within merely 60 minutes of application of the Supreme Skin Gel boasting up to a 25% wrinkle reduction. For those concerned about their expressions being diminished, there’s no need for concern – the company continues to reassure users that ‘ unlike needle injections, your features will still be reanimated and beautiful’.

It’s a ‘game-changer’ for your skincare routine, usable any time before putting on your usual moisturiser. Amazon customers can’t stop singing its praises, with the product racking up more than 1,000 five-star reviews.

One chuffed shopper said: “I wished I had found this sooner. It is a very nice product and feels good on the skin. This is a serum and not sticky like cream. Once applied you don’t realise you’ve put it on. 10/10.”

Another wrote: “This really is amazing! It does exactly the same job as Botox in a skin gel. I cannot believe how good this is. I love it. The best product I have ever used. I would highly recommend this. I will never stop using it! A real breakthrough. Wow!”

A third added: “I am 65yrs young. The only place I have deep wrinkles is around my mouth/nose area. Since using Biotulin I have noticed that they are not so prominent.”

Yet, despite the heaps of praise, some people are disappointed with the packaging. A reviewer suggested: “I would also like to suggest a bottle that shows the level of content; as a new customer, this was a considered purchase and to know how much I have used would help me budget for the next bottle.”

The Bare Minerals Skinlongevity Long Life Serum at Boots and comes in a clear glass bottle so you can see exactly how much product is left, helping to reduce waste. It was £58 and is now down to £46.40.

It’s also rumoured that the Princess of Wales uses Rodial’s Bee Venom and Placenta 24 Carat Gold Ultimate Creme to fight signs of ageing. Usually priced at a hefty £750, it’s currently back in stock and on sale for just £95 – a huge saving of £655.

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