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Prince Harry ‘NOT ALLOWED’ to be ALONE with King Charles, Anxiety and the Unspoken!

In a recent development, Prince Harry is scheduled to return to the UK to attend a ceremony at St Paul’s Cathedral commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games. However, the absence of Duchess Meghan in this official visit has raised doubts about the possibility of reconciliation between Harry and the royal family in the short term.

In a recent interview, royal commentator and biographer Angela Levin expressed skepticism about the likelihood of reconciliation between Harry and other members of the royal family during this visit. Levin stated, “Perhaps because no one really wants to see him. King Charles will be an exception, as he is a father, and parents always love their children, even when they behave poorly.” Levin also voiced concerns about Queen Camilla not allowing Harry to speak privately with his father, fearing he may not be trustworthy and could exploit personal information for personal gain.

Furthermore, there has been criticism about how the Invictus Games, once celebrated for its empowering impact on wounded veterans, has gradually become an event focused too much on royal appearances and Meghan’s involvement, overshadowing its original purpose.

Amidst tensions and controversies, Prince Harry’s visit seems to offer little hope for soothing family rifts, instead highlighting divisions and uncertainties about the future of family relationships.

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