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Prince William Made This Secret Mission In Time For Princess Kate’s Grand Return To The Spotlight

Two days before this year’s Trooping the Colour was set to kick off, the Prince of Wales reportedly made a secret visit to the British Secret Intelligence Service (more popularly known as MI6). While there are no details as to the purpose of the meeting – I mean “secret’s” the keyword – it was listed in the Court Circular.

The secret government agency works to protect the UK from international threats.

Prince William’s Visit To MI6 Shrouded In Mystery, Court Circular Refuses To Name Agents He Met

On Thursday afternoon, Prince William visited the MI6 for reasons that were not even documented in the Court Circular, which is the daily list of official royal engagements usually published the following day.

The Court Circular for the MI6 visit simply read, “The Prince of Wales this afternoon visited the Secret Intelligence Service.” No location, reason, or any further additional details were provided as to the purpose of the visit.

It is not known whether Prince William held an audience with MI6 boss Sir Richard Moore, codenamed ‘C’.

This is not the first time that William has paid a visit to the intelligence agency. In 2012, William visited the MI6 headquarters with his wife, Kate Middleton.

In 2019, he spent three weeks working with MI5, MI6 and GCHQ as a way to educate himself on what these agencies do as regards to the safety of the British people.

At the time, he gave a statement saying, “These agencies are full of people from everyday backgrounds doing the most extraordinary work to keep us safe. They work in secret, often not even able to tell their family and friends about the work they do or the stresses they face.”

In February 2022, he made a similar mysterious visit just hours before Russia launched an attack on Ukraine. While the meeting was thought to have been long planned, it was not publicized until a day later on February 24 – the day of the first attacks on Ukraine.

His most recent visit to the agency probably garnered more interest from the press and the public due to the fact that Princess Kate’s intended appearance at Trooping the Colour was announced hours later.

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