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Prince William Struggles to Balance Royal Duties and Care for Kate – Desperate for Normalcy”

Prince William ‘doing his best’ as he juggles royal duties with looking after Kate – ‘Trying to be a normal family’

Prince William joined food charity Surplus to Supper in his first public engagement since Kate’s cancer diagnosis
Royal Biographer Angela Levin defended Prince William for “doing his best” as the Prince of Wales stepped out for his first public engagement since the news of Princess Kate’s cancer.

William visited food charity Surplus to Supper in Surrey earlier this week, as the royal leant a hand in preparing and delivering goods to a youth centre in Feltham.

The appearance came after the Princess of Wales announced her cancer diagnosis last month, following an abdominal procedure in January.

William was said to be “touched” during his visit after a volunteer gifted him two get well soon cards, one for King Charles and one for the Princess.

Angela Levin says Prince William looks ‘stressed’ following his latest royal engagement

Reacting to the engagement on GB News, Angela Levin told host Nana Akua that William is “still responsible” for looking after Kate and their three children, George, Charlotte and Louis.

Levin added that both King Charles and Princess Kate being diagnosed with cancer has been “very difficult” for the Royal Family to deal with.

Levin said of the Prince’s work: “William came back to work again and was with a charity that helps people who can’t really afford to eat, and he was chopping up celery and he was doing his best.

“It’s very, very difficult for Catherine too, so young to be diagnosed with cancer as well.”

Angela Levin says Prince William is ‘still responsible’ for the Wales family

Levin admitted she “felt sorry” for William and the Wales family, following the news of Kate’s cancer.

Levin told GB News: “William said it was so kind of the woman to give him the two cards, wishing King Charles, and also his wife well. It’s been very difficult for them.

“We don’t know what cancer Kate has, so it makes you feel both curious and knowing that it’s not your business, but you really want her to be well.”

Praising Prince William’s ability to juggle family life, looking after Kate and continuing his royal duties, Levin continued: “Although he’s come back, he’s not going to come back too often. He’s going to still be responsible for her and the children, and try and make it a normal family.

“And I admire that hugely. You see those lovely children and you really wish for Kate to be well.”

Prince William help deliver food goods with Surplus to Supper

Levin told Nana: “Anybody who thinks that he should be doing a lot more for the country, they need just to to wait and see and I’m sure he will.”

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