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Princess Catherine ‘deserves’ this royal honor, but King Charles will ultimately determine whether or not she receives it

Princess Catherine ‘deserves’ this royal accolade, according to a royal insider, but the King alone controls her admittance into this exclusive order

After her devoted devotion to the Royal Family, a royal specialist has declared that the Princess of Wales ‘deserves’ to be admitted into the Order of the Garter. Paul Burrell, a former member of the royal staff, stated to Slingo, “I wanted Kate to be invested into the Order of the Garter, but he didn’t do it. I pray that Kate will be invested in the highest honorable order by the King.

Paul was referring to the June 2022 Garter Day, the first in-person event since 2019. At this time, the “oldest and most senior” honor in Britain, the Order of the Garter, was announced to be given to Queen Camilla; however, Catherine was not on the list of recipients.

“I’m hoping he will do it because she deserves it and it will make headlines if he does. “She’s a Princess of Wales and our future queen; it’s time for her to join the Garter as a Lady,” Paul remarked.

Paul dispelled the rumors, although there is still some uncertainty around the number of Royal Family members who are eligible to be admitted as members of the Order of the Garter. “Royal members of the Garter are inexhaustible, so Princess Catherine doesn’t have to wait for someone to pass away. Thus, he stated, “I believe it would be appropriate and proper if Kate and William both attended the Garter ceremony dressed in the garter’s robes.”

However, what is The Order of the Garter exactly? It is “a group of honorable knights,” according to the Royal Family’s official website, who are believed to be “the oldest and most senior Order of Chivalry in Britain.”

King Edward III, who was rumored to be enthralled with the stories of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, established the Order centuries ago in 1348. In 1344, Edward “promised to renew King Arthur’s celebrated fraternity of knights, the Round Table, with its complement of 300 men,” according to the College of St. George at Windsor Castle.

Who then makes up the Order of the Garter membership today? The Sovereign of the Garter, the King, several prominent members of the Royal Family, and 24 knights selected for their achievements are all members of the Order.

Among the royals in the garter are Prince William, Princess Anne, Prince Edward, Princess Alexandra, the Duke of Kent, and the Duke of Gloucester.

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