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Princess Charlotte Happy Birthday 🎉 prince and princess of Wales celebrate their daughter birthday 🎂

Princess Charlotte, the beloved daughter of the Prince and Princess of Wales, is poised to mark her 9th birthday on May 2nd. This celebration follows closely on the heels of her younger brother Prince Louis’s recent birthday festivities. In a departure from tradition, wherein the royal family typically released birthday photos of their children under embargo a day before the special occasion, a notable shift has occurred.

Previously, it was customary for these charming images to be unveiled to the public on the actual day of celebration. However, a departure from this practice was observed during Prince Louis’s sixth birthday, where a new photograph of him was directly shared on social media on his birthday. This adjustment in the birthday photo release protocol is attributed to the current challenges faced by the family, notably Princess Catherine’s public revelation of her cancer diagnosis.


In the midst of these trying times, the Prince and Princess of Wales have understandably sought privacy. Nonetheless, they did share a photo of Prince Louis last week, as a token of appreciation for the well-wishes they received. Similarly, Princess Charlotte, like her brothers, primarily leads a private life, shielded from the public eye.

Her most recent public appearance was on Christmas Day, during the Royal Family’s customary attendance at church on the Sandringham estate of King Charles. On that occasion, she graciously received gifts from well-wishers, alongside the eldest daughter of the Tindle family. The past few months have been marked by significant moments for the Wales family.

They have taken care to sensitively inform their children, including Prince George, about Princess Kate’s cancer diagnosis, allowing them the necessary time to comprehend and process the information. As Princess Charlotte approaches her ninth birthday, the family’s departure from their customary birthday photo tradition underscores their adaptability and thoughtfulness during this challenging period.

Despite these adjustments, their commitment to privacy and gratitude towards well-wishers remains unwavering. As they navigate through both moments of joy and difficulty, the close-knit royal family exemplifies resilience and grace.

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