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Princess Kate ‘Very Sorry’ For Missing Major Trooping the Colour Event

As the highly anticipated Colonel’s Review and Trooping the Color event approaches, Princess Kate has publicly expressed her immense pride in the regiment, highlighting their unwavering dedication and hard work in preparation for this significant occasion.

Kate Middleton breaks silence after missing Trooping The Colour rehearsal  event amid cancer treatment

In a heartfelt message, Princess Kate acknowledged the tireless efforts of everyone involved in organizing and rehearsing for the event. She emphasized the commitment and discipline displayed by the regiment, noting that their positive attitude and determination have not gone unnoticed.

Regrettably, Princess Kate also conveyed her apologies for being unable to perform the salute at this year’s Colonel’s Review. Despite her absence, she extended her best wishes and good luck to all participants, underscoring her support and admiration from afar.

Princess Kate breaks silence on missing Trooping the Colour event - LBC

Her message resonated with the regiment, bolstering their spirits and reaffirming the importance of their contributions. Princess Kate’s recognition and encouragement serve as a testament to the enduring bond between the royal family and the armed forces, highlighting the significance of this cherished tradition.

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