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Royal allergies: Coeliac disease, animals & more affecting Princess Kate, and Queen Camilla

The royal family are just like us when it comes to allergies!

llergies are things that everybody suffers with – even if you are a royal!

Prince William famously joked that he was “allergic to selfies” back in 2018 during an outing in Olso, but there several of his royal family members suffer from genuine health conditions.

Prince William taking a selfie

Whether it’s seasonal changes such as hay fever or autoimmune diseases, allergies are one way that the royal family are just like us.

Keep scrolling to see which members of the royal household suffer and what allergy they suffer from…

Queen Elizabeth  II

Queen Elizabeth II photographing her corgis at Windsor Park in 1960 in Windsor, England.
Queen Elizabeth II considered her corgis to be like family

The late Queen Elizabeth II was a big dog lover but her adoration for corgis isn’t the only reason dogs were kept during her reign.

According to Country Life, Her late Majesty suffered from an allergy to cats. Whilst the former monarch never discussed the reported health woe publicly, it would make sense as to why she always opted to surround herself with dogs.

The Duchess of York now looks after the late Queen's Corgis at Royal Lodge
The Duchess of York now looks after the late Queen’s Corgis at Royal Lodge

Following her death in 2022, her beloved Corgis were given to Sarah, Duchess of York look after at their new home, Royal Lodge. During her lifetime, it’s thought that Queen Elizabeth owned 30 corgis in total.

Princess Kate

Princess Kate and Prince William at the polo
Princess Kate and Prince William at the polo

In 2009, Princess Kate revealed she is allergic to horses whilst supporting her then-boyfriend Prince William at a polo match.

Australian author Kathy Lette revealed she saw Kate, then just 27 years old, watching the game intently.

When the writer asked if Kate would be joining a champagne reception taking place in a marquee next door, Kate replied: “I’ve got to pay attention to every second. I’ll be discussing the game in minute detail later on.”

Princess Kate stroking a horse
Princess Kate stroking a horse

And when Kate was asked why she didn’t play polo herself, the royal girlfriend replied: “I’m allergic to horses.”

Two years later, whilst talking to Clarisa Ru, wife of Santa Barbara Polo Club president Wesley Ru, she hinted that she may be trying to overcome her allergy.

Clarisa told People Magazine: “I got a chance to have a conversation with Kate,” she said. “I asked if she was into polo before she met William. She said no.

“But she’s been riding horses for a while and she hopes to play polo one day. She said, ‘I’m actually allergic to them, but the more time one spends with them the less allergic you become’.” The Princess of Wales is certainly in the right family for exposure therapy!

Queen Camilla

Queen Camilla reading a book
Queen Camilla reading a book

Queen Camilla confessed to suffering from hay fever back in 2021 whilst launching the Elephant Story Trail in central London.

According to the Express, the then-Duchess of Cornwall told National Literacy Trust chief executive Jonathan Douglas at the beginning of the event that she was having “hay fever struggles” and was “red-eyed” due to the high pollen count.

Earl of Wessex

Sophie Wessex and Prince Edward holding their newborn son James in 2007
Sophie Wessex and Prince Edward holding their newborn son James in 2007

Just five weeks after he was born in January 2008, James Mountbatten-Windsor was admitted to hospital for an allergic reaction.

The newborn was admitted to Great Ormond Street in London. Shortly after he was admitted, a royal spokeswoman told the BBC: “It’s not life-threatening and it’s not serious.”

The palace added that it was a “minor allergy” that caused the reaction but no details were disclosed about the cause or his symptoms. It still hasn’t been revealed what allergy James suffered from.

Katharine, Duchess of Kent

A photo of the Duchess of Kent wearing pink

Katharine, Duchess of Kent suffers from Coeliac disease which is an autoimmune disease treated by eating a very strict gluten-free diet.

Coeliac disease is a condition where your immune system attacks your own tissues when you eat gluten and can lead to serious health issues such as, osteoporosis, infertility, lymphoma and small bowel cancer if left untreated.

The Duchess previously revealed she believed her Coeliac disease was the reason she was struck down shortly after leaving for a humanitarian trip to India in March 1996.

She told the Telegraph: “I think I had just burnt all my cylinders out. I was working 24 hours a day, possibly thinking I was the only one who could do anything.

“I am one of those 24-hour people who just go on and on. I am a perfectionist who is very bad at delegating. I think nobody else can do it as well as I can. I learnt my lesson.”

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