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Royal Sources Reveal Kate Middleton Is Looking Into Reprioritizing Her Life Amid Cancer Treatment; Here’s What We Know

Kate Middleton has been setting her priorities straight, and health has been at the top of the list. The royal sources revealed that the princess is taking her time to “recover privately.”

Kate Middleton is still in the recovery process for her cancer treatment. The Princess of Wales made her first appearance in six months at the Trooping the Color ceremony. However, the sources revealed that Middleton is not yet ready to take up any of the public duties. The Duchess of Cambridge shared that she was undergoing cancer treatment in March.

Middleton’s presence at the Trooping ceremony came as a surprise to the public, while Kensington Palace also uploaded a picture of Princess Kate with a note that read that she is “not out of the woods yet.”

What did the royal sources reveal about Kate Middleton’s recovery process?

In conversation with People Magazine, the royal source revealed that while the Princess of Wale made an appearance at the Trooping of the Color ceremony, she has been prioritizing her health above all. A palace insider shared, “She has been doing what’s right for her and recovering privately at home. She is dealing with it the best she can.”

The source also claimed that the public will have to be patient with Middleton, as she will only resume her duties after getting clearance from the doctors. The princess shared a personal message about her health, “I am learning to be patient.”

The insider also revealed that the monarchy is going through tough times as not only the princess but also King Charles and Sarah Ferguson are undergoing cancer treatments. The former press secretary to Queen Elizabeth, Ailsa Anderson, confessed, “The monarchy is going through one of the most difficult sets of challenges, but it just felt like a corner had been turned.”

Kate Middleton shared an update about her health

Before stepping out for the Trooping of the Color ceremony, Kate Middleton shared a personal message about her health with the royal fans and her well-wishers. Following her confirmation of being in attendance at the event, Middleton thanked her well-wishers in a note that read, I am learning how to be patient, especially with uncertainty. Taking each day as it comes, listening to my body, and allowing myself to take this much needed time to heal. Thank you so much for your continued understanding, and to all of you who have so bravely shared your stories with me.”

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