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Secret to Kate Middleton’s ‘success’ in Royal Family revealed by expert

The Princess of Wales is incredibly popular – both in the UK and across the globe. And now a royal expert has revealed the key secret to her success in the spotlight

There is no denying Princess Kate’s star power. Prince William’s wife is one of the most famous women in the world – and one of the most popular.

Just recently, she was named the nation’s favourite royal – and the outpouring of love she had received from around the world in light of her cancer diagnosis is a testament to that.

Now royal expert Jennie Bond has shared her thoughts on why Kate is so beloved, and how she’s achieved so much “success” within The Firm.

According to Jennie, it comes down to one key factor: the Princess’s strong support system, which has helped her get through the more challenging times living in the public eye.

“One reason Kate has made such a success of her royal role is because she has a strong inner circle – and it extends way beyond her parents and siblings,” Jennie told OK Magazine.

“Carole and Pippa have obviously been on hand during Kate’s recovery, I’m sure Carole must have been very worried about her daughter and has probably been clucking around like a mother hen.”

However, Jennie says it’s not just Kate’s close dynamic with her family that has helped her thrive as a royal, but also the close circle of friends she has kept around her – many of whom knew her before she officially joined the Royal Family when she got married back in 2011.

“But sometimes, your oldest friends – who’ve been with you through thick and thin – are just the ticket,” she added.

“Kate has maintained deep friendships with several of her schoolmates, who obviously knew her way before royalty came her way, so they’ll know just how to help.”

While Jennie highlights the importance of these friends who have known Kate for so many years, she also claims that being so well-integrated into her husband’s social circle will also have helped her.

“Kate has also forged strong friendships with many of William’s crowd, and they will all have been offering practical help – particularly with the children – as William juggles his work commitments with his priority of caring for his wife and family.”

It comes after reports that William and Kate recently extended an olive branch to his brother Harry and wife Meghan Markle in an attempt to end their rift.

Royal author Tom Quinn spoke to The Mirror about Harry and Meghan’s strained relationship with his family – and how William and Kate tried to fix this.

He claimed that the Prince and Princess suggested that Harry and Meghan bring their children, Archie, four, and Lilibet, two, back to the UK so they can spend time together – but Meghan put her foot down.

Tom said: “There is no way Meghan would bring the children to the UK. William and Kate have suggested that Meghan and Harry bring the children and that the two couples and their families try to make up, but the suggestion is not leading anywhere so far.”

Harry is in fact due to return to the UK next month to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games. However, given his public concerns about his family’s safety, his wife and children are expected to stay back in the US.

It also remains to be seen whether or not he will see his father or his brother William during his stay; the feuding brothers did not spend any time together when Harry last returned to London in February.

Tom said: “Barring a major upset, Harry will certainly return to the UK for the Invictus games in May – it’s his baby. If he decides not to come, it will take some explaining, because everyone will assume it’s because he doesn’t want the awkwardness of having to meet his brother or having to choose not to meet him.”

The expert continued: “Not coming would be worse than finding some sort of compromise where Harry sees William for 10 minutes or comes up with some reason why he doesn’t have time to see his brother and his father and has to get back to the States quickly to be with his children. But no one is going to be fooled by these excuses.”

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