Bold and the Beautiful

The Explosive Bold & Beautiful Secret Set to Devastate Two Relationships At Once… and Build a Steamy New One From Their Ashes!

B&B mashup headshots of Brooke in between Ridge and Carter


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Yes, we know. Sheila’s resurrection has been consuming virtually all of The Bold and the Beautiful, but according to spoilers, that’s about to change today when Brooke takes Zende to task for betraying RJ. (Maybe you should include what he did to Luna in there too, Brooke.) It’s the latest twist as word of Zende’s night with Luna gets around — but you know who isn’t in on the secret? Ridge.

And that, we have a feeling is going to blow up in his face sooner, rather than later. Because while Ridge is focused on all that Sheila stuff, he’s oblivious to what’s going on in his son’s life. Unfortunately, neither his best friend nor his wife can say the same!

Zende Ridge RJ B&B

The fact that they’re both keeping Ridge in the dark about RJ, Luna and Zende is pretty much guaranteed to rub him the wrong way. Ridge doesn’t like secrets — never mind that this isn’t Carter or Brooke’s but RJ’s.

Maybe Ridge could handle the eventual revelation with grace if things were running smoothly everywhere else. But with Sheila exploding back into everyone’s lives, we don’t see Ridge having much patience. Still, he might want to take a deep breath or three before he blows up at Carter and Brooke.

Because while he may not outright push them out of his life, he could still push them in a very bad direction — at least for him!

Carter Brooke B&B

If Ridge starts making life miserable for Carter and Brooke, they may just have no one to turn to but each other! And yes, we mean that in the Biblical, hop into bed together sense. Actually, we’d be downright shocked if they didn’t. It’s far from the first time Brooke’s slept with someone important to Ridge. (At least this time, it would be outside the Forrester family.)

And let’s face it, it also wouldn’t be the first time Carter had an affair with a woman married into the Forrester family or that Brooke went after one of Katie’s men. Yes, Carter would have Katie to talk to and we’ve got no doubt that she’d be very sympathetic about his frustrations with Ridge. But in the end, she wouldn’t be caught up in the drama. Carter and Brooke would be the ones facing Ridge’s wrath, commiserating over their anger with him, as well as their hurt on being attacked and pushed away.

In fact, now what we think about it, with this crowd, a Carter/Brooke affair feels all but inevitable. Our only request? That Katie and Ridge don’t retaliate together. She does not need to walk around with a ribbon on her finger again.

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