This Scene Wasn’t Edited, Look Again at the Gunsmoke Blooper

It started as a radio program and then moved to TV. Both were running at the same time, but the show became a major hit. It was the longest-running TV show of all time for decades until The Simpsons came in and snatched its record. The casting was one of the primary reasons for its success. Their first choice for the lead was John Wayne, but he recommended James Arness. The rest of the cast was also perfectly picked and added elements to their characters. It was Dennis Wavers’ idea to give Chester his iconic limp. They’ve gone on to be recognized around the world. A statue of Ken Curtis sits in California today. Amanda Blake’s work as Miss Kitty got her into the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum’s Hall of Great Western Performers. The show did have trouble sticking to the date it was set in. You’d see stagecoaches, buschadero gun slings, and other elements that weren’t present in the 1860s. It’s also understandable that they had a few issues keeping everything consistent during a show that ran for twenty years. Gunsmoke never had a proper finale episode. The cast filmed a regular episode and then, all of a sudden, the TV staple was over. There were five reunion movies, but not every cast member was able to return. The impact of Gunsmoke is undeniable. It ushered in an era of classic Western shows and gave us all a classic catchphrase. It was Marshall Matt Dillon who first told the world to “get the hell outta Dodge.”

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