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Times William And Kate’s Daughter Charlotte Proved She Was A Master Of Royal Rules

As the child of William and Catherine, Prince and Princess of Wales, Princess Charlotte has been studying royal protocol from a very young age. “It would probably begin with simple training like how to shake hands and curtsy around the age of two,” Myka Meier, founder of Beaumont Etiquette, explained to Cosmopolitan. For Charlotte, this type of instruction is an ongoing part of her home life, so she’s had ample opportunities to practice her skills.

Among the long list of royal rules she needs to follow, Charlotte has had to become proficient with waving to large groups. Not just any hand movement will do, either. The signature “royal wave” is meant to be a practical way to wave frequently and comfortably for extended periods of time.  Although each member of the family adds their own creative flair, “It’s a vertical hand with a slight twist from the wrist, a classy affair that oozes decorum but doesn’t get too excitable,” royal commentator Victoria Arbiter informed ABC News.

Given a number of significant events in her lifetime like Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, the late queen’s funeral, and King Charles III’s coronation, Charlotte has been able to publicly demonstrate what she’s learned in private. While Charlotte’s not afraid to be sassy, she also knows how to rein it in to meet the demands of decorum. Here are some occasions where the princess’ royal etiquette has been outstanding.

Charlotte illustrated when and how to wave at the Platinum Jubilee

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In June 2022, Princess Charlotte showed her protocol prowess multiple times during Queen Elizabeth’s three-day Platinum Jubilee celebration. Charlotte waved as she rode in a carriage with Catherine, Princess of Wales, Queen Camilla, Prince George, and Prince Louis during Trooping the Colour. Once her demure wave concluded, Charlotte noticed Louis continued to wave somewhat erratically. In response, she gently corrected his behavior by placing his hand on his knee.

Days later, a TikTok video from the royal balcony appearance at conclusion of the festivities shows Charlotte watching the late queen wave to fans. Charlotte saw Elizabeth’s wave as a cue to initiate her own wave. Seconds later, George followed his sister’s example.  In another adorable moment, Charlotte gave George a subtle nudge to cease using the balcony as a handrest on this formal occasion.

Hollywood legend Dame Joan Collins was impressed by Charlotte’s handshaking skills during the Jubilee events. While Collins got flustered and neglected to curtsy to Kate, the actor noted that both Charlotte and Louis had excellent manners. “Both little people held out their tiny hands politely for a handshake,” she told the Daily Mail.

Charlotte gave an impromptu etiquette lesson during Queen Elizabeth’s funeral

People all over the globe grieved after the death of Queen Elizabeth II in September 2022.  Eleven days later, a state funeral was held for the monarch.  The event was meticulously planned and steeped with extensive rules for participants. In accordance with wardrobe protocol, Princess Charlotte wore a black dress. Her matching hat was a fashion first for the princess.

As she stood alongside her family, Charlotte appeared to lose her composure for a time, squeezing her eyes shut and covering her face with her hands. Later, however, Charlotte demonstrated her dedication to duty. She reportedly reminded Prince George, “You need to bow,” (via People) as a gesture of respect to their great-grandmother’s coffin. In turn, Charlotte curtsied to honor the late queen’s memory. “Charlotte knows the rules,” “Supernanny” star Jo Frost explained to Hello! “I’ve watched George and he’s looked over at his sister, and he’s probably annoyed with her one minute and then grateful that she’s there being able to remind him of things.”

Sadly, both Charlotte and George had prior experience attending a somber event, since they accompanied their parents, William and Catherine, Prince and Princess of Wales, to Prince Philip’s memorial service in March 2022. Charlotte gave the clergy a friendly handshake. She also showed her ability to recover from unexpected situations. When she was startled to see herself on TV during the service, she regained her composure and returned her focus to the event.

The princess behaved impeccably at King Charles’ coronation

Princess Charlotte’s etiquette was on point for King Charles’ May 2023 coronation. The princess arrived at Westminster Abbey wearing a stunning white gown and silver-embroidered headpiece that matched her mom, Catherine, Princess of Wales. Charlotte’s conduct was as dazzling as her attire. She was a role model for Prince Louis as she walked with him. Less than a month earlier, Charlotte practiced supervising Louis when the Wales family went to church for Easter 2023.

When the eyes of the world were on her and her family on coronation day, Charlotte handled her royal duties flawlessly. “Poised yet enthusiastic, watchful but involved, she showed a maturity during the two-hour ceremony,” journalist Angela Mollard wrote in an op-ed piece for 7News. After Charles was crowned, Charlotte continued her exemplary day when she displayed her best royal wave from the Buckingham Palace balcony.

At the Coronation concert the following day, however, Charlotte demonstrated that even the most conscientious adherents to royal rules aren’t infallible. After curtsying to Charles as he walked by, Charlotte neglected to curtsy to Queen Camilla. Video footage of the event revealed that Charlotte might have lost her balance as she rose up. She glanced to the side and was distracted, thus forgetting to curtsy a second time. However, Charlotte handled her mistake with grace and didn’t lose her royal cool.

At holiday events, Charlotte prioritizes royal decorum

Even with the excitement of a holiday like Christmas, Princess Charlotte makes sure politeness is top of mind. When she and her family arrived for a 2023 holiday concert, Charlotte initiated her royal greetings flawlessly with a beaming smile and a confident handshake.

Four years earlier, Charlotte wowed royal fans when the royal family made their Christmas appearance in 2019. The then-preschooler curtsied to Queen Elizabeth and offered plenty of handshakes during the outing. Onlookers at the event also praised Charlotte’s poise and self-assurance as she interacted with the attendees and accepted gifts with thoughtful grace.

Now that she’s older, Charlotte has had more opportunities beyond holidays and special events to show off her command of royal rules. In August 2022, the princess joined her parents, William and Catherine, Prince and Princess of Wales at the Commonwealth Games. Charlotte actively listened to the people she met and effortlessly greeted people with an engaging handshake.

She acted with aplomb at more than one royal wedding

Princess Charlotte and Prince George participated in the 2018 wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The experience added a new dimension to their execution of royal rules. “They are raised having formal meals, going to formal events,” Myka Meier told People. “The children in the wedding would have been very well prepared through rehearsals and even learned wedding specific behavior and protocol.”

Given that she was only 3 at the time, it’s understandable that Charlotte relaxed a little, like when her tongue was out while she rode in a car. However, once she exited the vehicle, she was waving and charming onlookers.  Charlotte also assumed a leadership role by informing the other young participants about when to walk behind the bride. In addition to her innate confidence, Charlotte’s ability to take charge may also have stemmed from experience as she participated in her aunt Pippa Middleton’s wedding the previous year

Months after Harry and Meghan’s ceremony, Charlotte got to show off her wedding skills a third time when Princess Eugenie married Jack Brooksbank. The young princess exhibited sophistication in a portrait with the bride, groom, and children of the bridal party. In the photo, a smiling Charlotte sits with her hands resting in her lap and her ankles nestled together. This position appeared to be Charlotte’s take on a pose that Meier calls the “Duchess Slant” (via the Daily Mail).



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