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Y&R Tucker Will Mess Things Up for Devon & Lose Audra – With a Single Inevitable Decision

Y&R Tucker Will Mess Things Up for Devon & Lose Audra – With a Single Inevitable Decision

Young & Restless’ Devon was quite clear in how he ended his conversation with his estranged father, but Tucker’s takeaway told us all we need to know about what type of drama is coming next!

Devon, clearly desperate, approached Tucker in hopes of gleaning information from dear ol’ dad that would help him take down the latest perceived threat to Chancellor-Winters… Billy. Given that Tucker had teamed with Mamie previously on a mission to oust Jill from her own company, Devon assumed that his pops had dirt on his former flame that might work as leverage to get her to back off of her decision to hand her power to her son. As it turned out, Tucker had nothing to offer in that regard.








But as Devon got up to leave, Tucker enticed him back by proposing that he could “handle” Billy, whilst his son kept his hands clean. Meaning, of course, that Tucker would employ the shadier tactics he’s best known for to take care of the situation, with no one the wiser that Devon had anything to do with it.

Always a straight-shooter, Devon heard Tucker out, but immediately shut him down. “No thanks,” he clearly stated, explaining that it “sounds messy and complicated”, and most importantly, he “doesn’t want him making new problems for him.” McCall told Devon he was sorry he couldn’t be of more help and that was that… except it won’t be.

Tucker returned to his suite and that was where his real takeaway from the conversation was revealed when he told Audra that Devon will “give him another chance as a father if he can get Billy Abbott out of Chancellor-Winters.” If you didn’t see the writing on the wall in that moment, you need to rewatch.
Audra Tucker Y&R

McCall will totally disregard Devon’s “no thanks” and become driven to rid Chancellor-Winters of Billy using some kind of under-handed tactic. He believes he’ll instantly be reinstated into the family by his son, who will be overcome with gratitude and admiration, if he’s successful. A bonafide recipe for disaster.

Why? For one thing, Devon already foresaw the outcome. Tucker will almost certainly make new problems for him by trying to help. He won’t be communicating what he’s doing to anyone, so he could well end up working at cross purposes with some plan Devon and Lily devise. Or maybe they’ll all figure out how to work together and then McCall will swoop in and upend the company. We don’t know how it will go bad, but it will.
Devon Tucker

Yes, it’s inevitable that Tucker will decide to go after Billy… and he won’t be able to do it from Paris, which brings us to the second part of our story.

Given that Audra had found them an earlier flight and was wheeling her suitcase over to the door in anticipation of leaving when Tucker came in with this update, it’s not hard to see where things are headed. Tucker’s about to cancel their trip for a second time, and that’s probably going to be the last straw for Audra, who has had Nate in her ear telling her McCall was just using her as a stand-in to recreate his Paris romance with Ashley.


She doesn’t think Devon deserves to have his father doing him a favor given how cold he’s been toward him, so there’s bound to be a huge blowout if Tucker announces they’re putting the trip on pause for him to go to work for his son’s approval.

So, there you have it. Tucker will mess things up for Devon at Chancellor-Winters and lose Audra in one fell swoop, as he’ll inevitably decide to go after Billy despite his son asking him not to.
Tucker cry Y&R

Let’s not forget, that Tucker’s decision to stay in Genoa City will also leave him vulnerable to Ashley’s devious alter, Ms. Abbott, who is convinced he needs to die! That’s a whole lotta losing to come out of one ill-advised choice!

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