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Young & Restless’ Courtney Hope Addresses Her Absence As She Contemplates the ‘Next Chapter’ of Her Life

Young & Restless’ Courtney Hope Addresses Her Absence As She Contemplates the ‘Next Chapter’ of Her Life

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While Sally certainly hasn’t been MIA on The Young and the Restless lately, her relationship with Adam right now is leaving a bit to be desired. After all the heartache they went through to reunite, Sally’s taken something of a backseat as Adam focuses on Connor. Then there’s her business venture with Chloe which they’re trying desperately to figure out how to salvage. (Stay strong! Don’t go running to Newman!)

In real life, though, Courtney Hope had fans slightly worried when she disappeared for a little bit. The usually active social media user had gotten quieter than usual and folks noticed — and were concerned. So Hope took to her Instagram stories to reassure fans that all was well, “because a lot of people have asked me where I’ve been on social media. I haven’t been posting as much and I’m here to address it.


“We each go through different seasons of our lives,” she continued, “and this season for me has been a lot about head down, nose to the grindstone working and really nourishing the relationships around me and with myself. And I’ve been doing 15 minutes of social media a day. That’s it. It’s been wonderful.”

Actually, as anyone who’s hooked on social media knows… that does sound kind of wonderful. When we’re not constantly checking it, we tend to have more brain power left to actually puzzle things through — which is exactly what Hope’s been doing.

“I’ve been diving more into my life,” she shared, “and looking at who I need to be, what I want to be, what my life looks like for the next chapter and how I can become that.”

That next chapter may sound scary, but that doesn’t mean Hope is looking to step away from Sally or Young & Restless. However, Hope, like her character, has big dreams and big goals. So it’s understandable that she needs to take a break from the things that don’t matter as much to focus on what does.

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There’s only so much time in the day and as Sally’s portrayer put it, “this is my working season. Head down, I’m a part of a lot of different things. A lot of deadlines are coming up. And also really looking at the things in my own life that I’ve been neglecting because of all of my work.”

Plus, sometimes you can spend too much time comparing where you are in life to what you see on social media… and that can warp your perspective of where you think you should be. “There comes a line where it goes from inspiration and motivation to depression honestly,” Hope admitted. “So, yeah, I’ve been taking a step back and not neglecting those things and making those shifts and changes and enjoying my life as it is.

And while she’s not taken a complete step back from social media, you’ll know when her dreams are all coming true. “I’m excited for the season where I’m posting, posting, posting and sharing all the good news. It’ll come.” For now, she’s content, “being grateful for what and who I have. I love you all. I hear you. I see you. I hope you’re well.”

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