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Young & Restless Preview: Alan Reveals the Truth to Ashley — and Audra Tells Tucker Exactly What She’s After

Ashley and Alan's brother YR


In a Young & Restless preview for the week of June 3 -7, who is Alan’s brother? Read on for the details and watch the video below.


Kyle continued to lead the charge to have Claire hired as Harrison’s nanny. Summer finally sat down with Kyle and Claire, and after putting Claire through a number of childcare questions, agreed to hire her. Of course, Harrison was over the moon. Next week, Mariah says to Kyle, “All of this admiration for Claire. Is there maybe something else going on?” It’s been pretty evident that Kyle and Claire have been crushing on one another for some time now.

Kyle's crush YR


When Tucker found out Audra had set up several business meetings in Paris for Glissade, he shut them down and headed to Paris himself on business, but not before calling her out and reminding her he owns the company. In Paris the two fought, with Audra accusing him of putting everyone else above her, and she’d never believe in him again. Coming up, Audra tells Tucker, “This has nothing to do with vengeance. That’s your game and your weakness.” He asks, “What is it you want?” She replies, “I want Glissade. I want it all.”

Alan, Traci and Ashley headed to Paris, which is where Ashley’s alters all began. Ashley rails, “Am I creating some kind of a psychosis? Am I delusional? What is happening?!” Alan replies, “No, no. I think it happened exactly as you say, it just didn’t happen with me. I believe you spent the evening with, uh… my brother.” Yes, that was Alan’s apparently evil twin brother that Tucker had a run in with last week! But what happened between him and Ashley?

Be sure to read our Young & Restless spoilers to find out what Victor confronts Cole about, and who Mamie’s dealing with now.

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