BBC EastEnders fans gobsmacked over Reiss Colwell ‘unrecognisable’ off-screen appearance

Jonny Freeman has been starring as Reiss Colwell on EastEnders since 2022 - but many fans could pass him in the street without realising as he looks nothing like his on-screen persona

EastEnders fans have been left stunned and in a state of lust after uncovering a dashing photo of a usually scruffy star.

Fans of the long-running BBC soap opera will be well aware of the character Reiss Colwell – the dowdy accountant who shuffles around the square wearing cardigans, heavy knits, and glasses. But many have been unprepared to see snaps of the man behind the character – Jonny Freeman.

Away from Albert Square, Jonny is almost unrecognisable from his on-screen alter-ego as he doesn’t wear glasses and has a less receding hairline. Soap fans have been left gobsmacked after seeing images of the actor out of character – sporting designer stubble, thicket hair, and more contemporary clothing. Snaps of the star have gone viral – with many soap fans left lusting after the actor.

Taking to social media, one fan gushed over the image, writing: “Very handsome, should have kept him like that.” Another fan wrote: “OMG so different.” A third commented: “Omg he is so good looking, he looks so different in real life.” While another EastEnders fan remarked: “What a difference…shocker.”

Headshot of Jonny Freeman The actor looks very different to his character

EastEnders fans have been stunned by Jonny’s off-screen appearance 

Jonny has been involved in some dramatic storylines since coming to Albert Square as Reiss in November 2022. He joined the cast as a nephew of Dot Branning – played by the late June Brown – and has bonded with Sonia Jackson, played by Natalie Cassidy. Jonny also works as a stand-up comedian as well as an actor – and has starred in other TV shows including Holly City, M.I High, and Silent Witness.

Speaking about joining EastEnders to the Radio Times, Jonny previously said: “In terms of my first day – it’s not filmed in sequence – and in my very first scene I met Richard the director and Natalie. And yeah, I mean, I found myself by Albert Square, standing over a car with the Queen Vic behind Sonia from EastEnders.

“So I thought it was pretty surreal. I mean, that’s pretty much the weirdest introduction to any job anyone could ever have.” His plot lines have involved having a secret wife who had been receiving end-of-life care in a hospice – and more recently trying for a child with Sonia.

Meanwhile, EastEnders fans have been on edge since Christmas after an explosive murder plot was hatched. Viewers watched in horror as Linda Carter fatally stabbed Keanu Taylor with a carving fork in a dramatic attempt to stop him from strangling Sharon Watts. Sharon, along with Stacey Slater, Kathy Cotton, Denise Fox and Suki Panesar have been trying to cover up the killing and hid the body in the ruins of Kathy’s cafe.

However, the truth won’t stay buried for long and Keanu’s body is soon to be uncovered. Theories have flown over who could be jailed for the character’s death – with some fearing Linda will go down for the crime, but others suspect The Six will frame someone else for his death.

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