EastEnders’ George Knight to make a discovery over Junior’s secret family

George Knight is set to discover his son Junior’s secret family in EastEnders.

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In upcoming scenes, Anna Knight tries to connect with her brother Junior by inviting him to spend time with herself and her sister Gina Knight.

The trio’s father George is understandably upset to see his children spending time together without him, but a bigger family drama soon develops.

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Junior’s wife Monique Knight and their son Xavier arrive at the Vic, confirming that Junior has a secret family he’s never told his sisters about.

The Knights are keen to get to know Junior’s wife and son, though Junior finds a reason to leave because of his lingering tension with George.

Elaine Peacock tries to smooth things over by offering to let Junior and his family stay at the Vic, and after some encouragement from Gina, he agrees.

Elaine’s kind gesture leads to Linda, Anna, and Gina gossiping about whether she’s willing to give George another chance after he recently kissed ex-wife Cindy Beale.

The Queen Vic’s landlady doesn’t like to hear her family gossiping about her love life, so she orders the trio to stay out of her business.

Meanwhile, George has the opportunity to bond with Monique and Xavier and soon discovers his daughter-in-law shares his Ghanaian heritage.

bernadette taylor, xavier, monique, junior, eastenders

Monique kindly offers to help George reconnect with his culture, as he recently learned that his adoptive father, Eddie Knight, kept him from reuniting with his birth parents through deadly means.

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