Unexpected Meeting: EastEnders Star Crosses Paths with ‘TV Stalker’

Chance encounter as EastEnders favourite bumps into ‘TV stalker’

Heather Peace plays Eve Unwin on the soap (Picture: BBC)

EastEnders star Heather Peace and William Ellis surprised fans witha surprise reunion.

The Eve Unwin actress, 48, shared a snap to Instagram Stories of her out and about with the actor who played Theo Hawthorne on the soap.

Theo, also known as Mr Hawthorne to his students, was a teacher in the soap.

He first appeared in the show in April 2023 as part of a storyline with Freddie Slater (Bobby Brazier).

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In the selfie, Heather penned: ‘Randomly bumping into your fake on screen wife’s pretend tv stalker outside the gym.

‘In TV land he’s inside. In real life he was off for a swim.’

Heather Peace
All love here (Picture: Instagram)

As for Eve and her girlfriend Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal) things have been looking up between them.

In powerful scenes, Suki told Nugget about her relationship with Eve. To her surprise, he took the news incredibly well. The fact that she was set to up sticks and leave was what upset him but not the truth about her relationship.

Eve, meanwhile, approached Suki in the Minute Mart for an update, with Suki revealing that she had confided in Nugget.

Nugget subsequently arrived and proved incredibly supportive once more, but their conversation was overheard by Kim Fox (Tameka Empson), who later relayed news off Suki and Eve’s relationship to her family.

Speculation was rife in subsequent scenes, with everyone talking in the Vic. Fed up of the gossip, Suki bravely confronted her neighbours and took Eve’s hand, confirming that they’re in a relationship.

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