EastEnders viewers in hysterics as they spot incredible detail in background

Walford residents picked out their best costumes to celebrate Whitney Dean and Zack Hudson’s joined hen and stag do but viewers were beyond impressed by one extra’s attire.

The chaotic night which ended in the birth of Whit and Zack’s daughter Dolly Dean Hudson, began in The Queen Vic with multiple fan favourites showing up in hilarious and clever costumes.

But while Chelsea Fox turned herself into Posh Spice aka Victoria Beckham and Billy Mitchell dressed up as Fred Flinstone, stall-holder “Shrimpy” left fans in stitches as he showed up to the event in a shrimp costume.


Viewers of the London-based show took to X, otherwise known as Twitter, to share their thoughts. “SHRIMPY IS A SHRIMP. Obsessed”, one happy fan wrote. Another echoed: “shrimpy as a shrimp HAHA.” A third TV watcher penned, pairing their comment with a laughing emoji: “Shrimpy is dressed as a shrimp.” One final fan then quipped: “Shrimpy dressed as a prawn, but still no lines lol!”

Ben Champniss made his debut in the program as the stall-holder, known to sell hats and men’s clothing on Bridge Street Market, in April, 2014, and he can often be seen in the background of EastEnders scenes.

But while some of his sporadic appearances in the soap may often be missed, Harry Potter fans were stunned to find him in the background of a scene in the final film of the franchise, taking place 19 years after the Battle of Hogwarts. Ben portrayed one of the parents waving their children off to Hogwarts behind Harry, Ron and Hermione.

Taking to X last year to react to the enthusiasm of eagle-eyed viewers, Ben wrote: “since Netflix started streaming Harry Potter, I’ve received quite a few messages regarding this last scene…Always lovely to hear from you all, and yes, I can confirm….I was a wizard in a former life!”

EastEnders fans were quick to respond to the post in the comments, one of them writing: “whenever I watch it I always say to myself, there’s shrimpy” with laughing emojis. Another added at the time: “Omg how did I never notice watched that scene millions of times as well.”

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