EastEnders fans ‘work out’ how Shirley Carter will return to BBC soap after extended break

EastEnders fans are sure they've worked out how Shirley Carter will return to the BBC soap after her extended break when she left following Mick's 'death'

EastEnders fans have worked out how Shirley Carter will return to the BBC soap after her extended break.

Shirley – played by Linda Henry – was last seen on the show when she decided to take some time away from Albert Square following the apparent ‘death’ of her son Mick Carter. Linda has been struggling since Mick disappeared, and was left shaken by the news that had come from prison about Janine including that the baby has arrived.

Linda has been debating whether she should try to adopt Mick and Janine’s baby as she thinks it would be what Mick would have wanted, for all his children – both her and Janine’s – to be together.

However, some fans are convinced the baby storyline could pave the way for Shirley to make her return to Walford as the pair could team up to look after the baby in Janine and Mick’s absence.

Could Shirley return to support Linda?

Could Shirley return to support Linda?

“Wouldn’t Mick’s baby be in care at the moment Whilst Janine has been sent down and Mick is still AWOL. I really hope Linda does secure custody of Mick’s baby. It’ll be the last memory of what she had with Mick and it’ll be like closure from Janine as well. #EastEnders,” one viewer wrote alongside a clip of Linda talking about the baby.

Another fan responded to the comment and suggested it could be part of Shirley’s return storyline. They wrote: “That is another reason WHY I think this could bring Shirley back. Yes she hated Janine’s guts, but as the baby is a part of Mick and her flesh and blood, Linda and Shirley could team up to take care of the baby. BUT should Mick ever return alive and Janine is let out, she’d use that baby as a weapon to trap the Carters/Mick financially or she’d take her child back when she gets out #Eastenders.”

However, when Shirley does return, there could be an even darker storyline. Whilst she was away, she was pictured with her son Dean Wicks. Some have speculated he could be the dead body at Christmas due to his horrifying history with Linda.

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