EastEnders spoilers for next week: Truth about Maya exposed, Lola mystery solved & new arrivals

Truth about Maya

Maya arrived seemingly as part of a loneliness storyline for Harvey – but fans are convinced she is hiding a big secret.

Next week, things take a turn when Harvey decides to ditch Jean to watch the England match with Maya in the Queen Vic, much to her disappointment When Maya says she is getting a headache, Harvey suggest they head back to the Slater household to watch the game in a quieter area, which pleases her.

Maya and Harvey have become firm friends

Maya and Harvey have become firm friends 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

When they head back to the house, Maya is extremely nice to Jean and things seem to be going well between them, but when she disappears to make tea and takes longer than expected, Jean checks on her – but what does she find? Will the truth come out?

Lola mystery solved

Spoilers for next week have revealed who is really responsible for the missing charity money from Lola’s charity fund. Billy and the rest of the Mitchells are convinced it’s Stevie who nicked the money – whilst Stevie has suspicions of his own.

Thinking Will might be responsible, Stevie quizzes him about it but doesn’t get the answer he wants. Later in the pub, Will furiously defends Stevie to Phil, but he is adamant that Stevie is to blame.

Seeing his grandson leave the pub, he follows him and tries to get him to admit to what he’s done. Stevie counsels Will about confessing, and soon loses his temper when Will refuses to say anything. Angry, Will knocks Stevie to the floor and rushes off – leaving Stevie motionless. Will he be ok, or has Will done even more damage?

New Mitchells arrive

Billy will be left shocked next week when he realises his dad has a secret family. In a shock turn of events, Stevie’s second family – Teddy, Harry and Barney – will make their arrival into Albert Square next week. Whilst he’s just looking for his dad, he soon realises that there’s a whole Mitchell family waiting for him – and how will they react to the news?

The new Mitchells will arrive next week

The new Mitchells will arrive next week ( Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Executive Producer Chris Clenshaw revealed: “I’m delighted to welcome Roland, Elijah and Lewis to EastEnders as we bring a new branch of the iconic Mitchell family to the Square. The arrival of Teddy, Harry and Barney will be a seismic shock for Billy and an unwelcome surprise for Phil. With their arrival sparking more questions than answers, it’s not long before the Mitchells find themselves at war as Teddy and his sons are thrust into the heart of the drama.”

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