EastEnders spoilers tonight: Stacey and Denise caught with Keanu’s body

In EastEnders spoilers tonight (Tuesday, April 2), Stacey and Denise head back to the café to locate Denise’s missing ‘D’ necklace.

However, once there, Jack stops them in their tracks and demands answers from them both.

But, will he realise that they had something to do with Keanu Taylor’s death in EastEnders spoilers?

Stacey agrees to help Denise  

EastEnders spoilers: Jack catches Stacey and Denise in a mess

This evening, Denise panics when Suki reveals that the café floor has caved in. Fearing that it’s only a matter of time before they all get caught, Denise plans her escape.

With Suki failing to get Vinny to delay plans to relay the floor, Denise packs a suitcase as she prepares to flee Walford.

However, Stacey manages to change her mind as she agrees to help her find her missing necklace.

Back at the café though, Jack catches both Stacey and Denise having broken in. But, will he realise what’s been going on?

Sharon allows for Phil to see Albie  

EastEnders spoilers: Sharon does a deal with Phil

With Sharon back in the Square, Phil approaches her and demands that she lets him be a part of Albie’s life.

However, as Phil threatens to go down the legal route, Sharon has other things on her mind as she finds out about the café floor.

Having so much to deal with, Sharon then tells Phil that he can have access to his son as long as he steps up to the plate.

Harvey keeps his eye on Dean  

Harvey has suspicions of Dean

Harvey faces Dean after finding a horrible message made about him online as Honey and Billy rush to defend Harvey.

Focused on exposing Dean, Harvey investigates Jade’s sickness. But, will he get some hard evidence on Dean?

Yolande feels uncomfortable  

Yolande stands up to Pastor Clayton

Yolande continues to feel awkward when Pastor Clayton puts his hand on her leg during a meeting.

Confronting him about how uncomfortable his behaviour makes her feel, Yolande is upset when the Pastor ends their food truck plans.

After this confrontation, Denzel advises that Yolande keeps pursuing her plans. But, will this end well for her?

Sonia is disappointed  

Sonia gets some disappointing news

Attending their embryo implantation appointment, Sonia and Reiss face a setback as their doctor reveals some news. Can they get over this hurdle?

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