6 EastEnders spoilers for next week: Phil reaches boiling point

EastEnders spoilers are gearing up for another crazy week of drama on Albert Square. Is Phil pushing everyone he loves away? Is Stevie going to confess everything to Billy?

Here’s what we can expect from EastEnders spoilers next week.

Billy and Teddy talk to Stevie on EastEnders
Things are tense (Credit: BBC)

1. EastEnders spoilers: Stevie’s confession

Billy throws a party for Stevie’s birthday as it’s an important event due to him sharing the day with Billy’s mum – Val. Phil has suspicions and gets Ritchie to do some digging.

How will Billy react to this news? Will he lash out at his dad for keeping this from him?

Reiss does a job for Sharon (Credit: BBC)

2. Reiss’s scam

Reiss is struggling with an £18,000 debt due to Debbie’s health care costs. He decides to rent the spare room out and doesn’t inform Sonia.

Sharon offers Reiss work to chase people down with outstanding debts. He uses this as an opportunity to line his own pockets with some creative accounting.

Will Sharon catch him in the act?

Peter’s suspicious of Ian (Credit: BBC)

3. Bobby’s birthday raises suspicions for Peter

Bobby’s 21st birthday is fast approaching in EastEnders and Anna tries to recruit Freddie to help plan the event. Bobby is reluctant to do any celebrations.

Ian is a bit shady as he doesn’t seem to focus on anything including Bobby’s birthday. As he heads off to his council meeting, Ian tells Cindy he’s attending a leadership course in Manchester but she can’t join him.

Peter is suspicious and finds out he is lying about going to a meeting. Peter demands Ian be upfront, but will he confess?

Yolande opens up to Denzel (Credit: BBC)

4. Yolande faces the music

Howie continues to struggle with Denzel and Yolande offers to help. Denzel gets even more frustrated as he feels Yolande and Amy are talking behind his back.

Levi arrives and tells Yolande that Pastor Clayton has been charged with two counts of sexual assault by the CPS. Yolande decides to tell Denzel the truth about Pastor Clayton and implores him to accept help.

Teddy has eyes for Sharon (Credit: BBC)

5. Teddy attempts to swoon Sharon

Harry accidentally knocks a drink over Sharon as Teddy uses this as a good opportunity to ask Sharon out.

Sharon politely declines, but Teddy takes matters into his own hands when he turns up at her house with a bottle of wine and a new blouse. Will he manage to win her over?

Phil feels alone (Credit: BBC)

6. Lonely Phil

Phil continues to drive a wedge between himself and everyone close to him as he’s filled with anger in EastEnders. Billy and Teddy arrange a family dinner and purposefully exclude Phil from the festivities.

Not knowing Phil isn’t included, Jay invites him along. However, Phil soon causes a fight.

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