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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Harris Finally Gets Wise And Leaves After Discovering Ava’s Lies

Lives Harris Michaels (Steve Burton) has done everything humanly possible to keep Ava Vitali (Tamara Braun) out of trouble. However, Ava hasn’t appreciated one thing Harris has done for her. Ava simply refuses to walk away from her need to do things her way and Harris is finally fed up. Harris is ready to leave Salem and get on with his life.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Steve Burton’s Time Is Almost Up

Days of Our Lives Spoilers reveal that Harris is back on screen in Salem but Days tapes months ahead of the other soaps.

Burton has been gone for months and has been back on General Hospital since March. Now that Burton’s time on Days is coming to an end, how will he exit that show?

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Harris Finally Gets Wise And Leaves After Discovering Ava’s Lies

Harris has been more than far when it comes to forgiving Ava for her transgressions. However, after what happened in Montana, Harris has to see that Ava will never give up her mob boss ways.

Ava isn’t concerned about justice, Ava only cares about revenge and making someone pay. Unfortunately, Ava is not the only one who ends up in the line of fire.

DOOL Spoilers – Harris Michaels Is Fed Up

Ava always has an excuse or going rogue, and Harris is simply fed up. Harris took off work and risked being fired to catch Clyde Weston (James Read) only to have Ava go off on her own and find Clyde and try to kill him. Killing Clyde was not part of their deal. Clyde was supposed to come back to Salem alive and well.

Harris just cut Ava off as she tried to spin her story and told her they would finish the conversation when they got home. Of course, Ava could have sabotaged his entire case if she had managed to shoot Clyde.

Ava simply needs to stop and look at the consequences before she decides it is ok to take things into her own hands.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Harris Michael’s Big Announcement

Spoilers say that on June 24 Harris will make can announcement that throw Ava for a loop. We know that Harris attended a military service for Memorial Day.

Could Harris have made arrangements to go back to the military because that is the only life he knows outside of Salem. If Harris isn’t with Ava what does he have there?

Ava tends to lose control when she loses a man and she is truly in love with Harris. Harris is still trying to figure out How Clyde got out of prison in the first place. Will Harris finally put it together and realize that Ava is behind all of this from the start?

Will leaving that Ava helped release the man who tried to have him killed be enough for Harris to walks away and don’t look back?

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