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Days of Our Lives spoilers week of May 6-10

Sitting next to Holly, Tate drapes his arm along the park bench backing. They each hold a plate containing a pastry

We have the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers from Monday, May 6, to Friday, May 10. Melinda makes it clear she wants Sloan to reassure her, Paulina puts a lot of blame on her own shoulders, and things get complicated for the younger set.  Read who pays a visit to the graveyard as well as who receives a special gift…

Days of Our Lives spoilers week of May 6:

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Monday, May 6:

In today’s recap, EJ wants proof about Jude, Jada gets the news she’s been waiting for, and Bobby reveals himself.

In their bedroom, Rafe and Jada toast with champagne flutes

Hard to believe that only a few short weeks ago, Johnny and Chanel were as happy as could be. Now, they have to have a difficult talk about their options where her pregnancy is concerned. Needless to say, Paulina can’t help but feel incredibly guilty, given that she’s the reason the newlyweds are having to deal with this crisis!

We might find out who has better taste as Jada and Rafe start decorating their home!

Sloan has no choice but to come clean with EJ… which leaves us wondering how he’ll react to news that Jude is actually Eric and Nicole’s child! We’re sticking with the obvious answer.

Everett publishes a story that’s extremely critical of Paulina!

Stars from all the soaps, past and present, take a stand on a matter of life and death — and you’re invited to join them.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, May 7:

In today’s recap, John and Marlena get the goods on Konstantin, and Alex celebrates with Kristen.

Kristen holds Alex's head as they kiss. Drinking coffee, Brady furrows his brow at them

Something tells us that when Maggie reveals Victor’s will has come out of probate, Konstantin’s eyes are gonna light up like a pinball machine!

Even as Kristen is busy throwing her “relationship” with Alex in Brady’s face in order to make him jealous, Theresa is wondering if she’s going to lose Alex!

Marlena and John clue Steve in on their plan to expose Konstantin and his dirty tricks.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, May 8:

You know that little black book that Clyde’s desperate to get his hands on? Ava and Harris are about to make a shocking discovery regarding it.

What advice will EJ offer when Johnny tells him the latest about Chanel’s pregnancy?

Melinda wants assurances that Sloan has found a way to keep EJ from blabbing their very big secret.

Brought together by a story they’re working on, Eric and Nicole find their conversation naturally turning to Sloan.

Things are about to get complicated for the teen scene. Follow closely as we explain why: Aaron is totally into Sophia, but she kinda has her sights set on attending the big dance with Tate. And who has she chosen to confide this in? Holly, who obviously still has feelings for the guy!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday, May 9:

Upon finally being filled in on the truth, Maggie is downright shocked. (Because somehow, she hasn’t figured out that the guy is nothing but trouble!) Meanwhile, Konstantin is doing everything he can to get on Sarah’s good side.

Watch out, Clyde! It looks as if Stefan, Harris and Ava are joining forces with one goal in mind: to bring you down!

Xander confronts Stefan to accuse him of setting him up for the shooting of Harris.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Friday, May 10:

Will Julie have any words of wisdom for Paulina, who is obviously still upset about everything going on with Chanel. Meanwhile, Johnny and his wife have a difficult conversation as they try and decide exactly how to proceed where her pregnancy is concerned.

On Mother’s Day, Chad and Thomas visit Abigail’s grave. Meanwhile, Eric has something special to give Sloan.

Ah, life in a small town! Tate and Theresa are enjoying a lovely mother/son brunch at the bistro when who should walk in but Nicole, EJ and Holly!

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