Heather Peace Drops Bombshell: Massive Alteration to Suki and Eve Scene Revealed!”

EastEnders star Heather Peace reveals what huge change she made to Suki and Eve scene

Heather Peace has revealed a huge change she made to one of Eve’s scenes with her lover Suki on EastEnders, leaving fans delighted

Heather Peace has delighted fans by confessing an Eve and Suki scene on EastEnders was improvised.

The actress arrived on the Square last year, playing Eve Unwin, the ‘wife’ of Stacey Slater. Soon, she struck up a romance with Suki Panesar ( Balvinder Sopal ) behind her husband Nish Panesar’s back. Whilst the pair have since called things off, there is no doubt that there is a connection between them, particularly recently as Suki supports Eve.

Eve was left reeling after learning that her sister was killed by a drunk driver years ago, when the woman showed up and revealed what she had done. Furious, Eve attacked Caz within an inch of her life and nearly ended up back in prison.

However, Suki and Stacey stepped in, saving Eve from possible prison time and the pair shared a sweet moment when Eve fell asleep on Suki’s lap as she finally got some rest following a traumatic and tough 24 hours.

Suki has been supporting Eve this week

Now Heather has delighted fans by revealing that that scene wasn’t how it was meant to be, and that she had improvised that part, choosing to divert away from the original script and put her own spin on the scenes.

One fan took to social media to post a photo of the scene, writing alongside it: “I don’t know if this was scripted or not but @BalvinderSopal @heatherpeace thank you for this.” Heather later replied to the fan and revealed: “It was not. It just seemed appropriate under the circumstances 😉 Much time had passed. Eve was exhausted and these two shouldn’t be talking for too long.”

Fans were thrilled by Heather’s revelation and rushed to praise the scenes. “Honestly it was one of if not my favourite little scene from tonight,” one wrote, whilst another added: ” @heatherpeace is absolutely phenomenal, give her all the awards!!”

Heather has been front and centre on EastEnders this week, with fans praising her performances.

“Heather Peace is an amazing actress. That’s all. That’s all I got from this episode. I love her humour lines but to see a different side of her, she’s pulling it off well, I just wanna give her a cuddle,” one fan wrote.

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