Heather Peace, EastEnders Star, Discusses Suki and Eve’s Future After Split

EastEnders star Heather Peace has previewed Suki and Eve’s future following their split.

Fans hoping for the two women to finally get together were thrown another roadblock earlier this month after Suki mysteriously fell down the stairs (or, perhaps, was pushed?).

Suki was forced to scramble when her son Vinny caught wind of the affair, and she promised to break things off with Eve once and for all so long as Vinny kept this secret from his father Nish.

It may look like all hope is lost for the would-be couple, but Eve actress Heather Peace has encouraged fans not to give up on the pair just yet.


“I think with the way these two are — it’s such a meeting of souls — that even if Suki absolutely says that is it, if they are along together in a space and the signs are all there, Eve is always going to be dragged back in because it’s the love of our life,” she told Digital Spy and other media.

“I just don’t think these two women can keep apart no matter how hard they try, they are not going to be able to keep apart.

“That is how Bal [Suki Panesar actress Balvinder Sopal] and I have played the whole thing all the way along. They tried desperately not to at points. But unless one of them moves abroad, they will just keep going round in circles.”

Heather has expressed her hope that fans will “understand” this twist in the story, after their emotional break-up scene.

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“I think we have done it in a way that works and a way that people will understand. I think we all know that the breakup isn’t a breakup. Ultimately, them being in the same square, they’re always going to fall back to each other. I think anyway, although we haven’t got to that block out,” she said.

The star went on: “I don’t think Eve is someone who really thinks long-term. I think knows she wants to be with Suki for the rest of her life, I think she knows she could absolutely do that, but I don’t think she makes proper plans. I think she sort of flies by the seat of her pants, off the go and then works it out as and when things occur.

“Whereas, I would imagine, Suki is more about thinking long-term and I think she acts quite impulsively, and so this just has to happen now and then we can work it out as we move along.

“I still don’t believe that she’s scared of Nish. She’s only scared of what Nish could do to Suki. It comes back to that same thing that she doesn’t fear anyone.”

suki kaur panesar, nish panesar, eastenders

Heather added that while she can’t truly understand Suki giving up on her true love, Eve would never make Suki choose between her family and their relationship.

“I don’t think she’d ever make her choose,” she said. “Eve has been instrumental in trying to heal the rift between Ash and her mother.

“She is an amazing character because she does ultimately care about other people more than herself. If the writers did that, I would probably be going in and asking the question ‘why’, to be honest.

“Suki is nothing without the love of her kids — it’s part of who she is. It is all or nothing, really.”

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