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How Prince William has been ‘caring for’ Kate amid cancer?

"William has been pampering her non-stop"

In the face of adversity, the bond between Prince William and Kate has only grown stronger.

As the couple navigates the challenges brought on by Kate’s recent health scare, they are still finding time to spend together.

An insider close to the royal couple has reportedly shared details about how the Prince of Wales has been an unwavering source of strength and support for his wife during this difficult time.

Prince William has been caring for Kate amidst her cancer battle
Prince William has been caring for Kate amidst her cancer battle (Credit: Cover Images)

Prince William caring for Kate

“William has been pampering her non-stop, making sure she’s got everything she possibly needs and keeping her spirits up with funny stories and jokes whenever they have down time. He will do anything for her,” the insider told Bella magazine.

This kindness and care Prince William has shown is a testament to the deep love and commitment he has for Kate. The Princess of Wales has been undergoing preventative chemotherapy for cancer.

As a result, the couple are coping by spending quality time together.

“They’ve been binge-watching TV series and movies,” the insider continued. “He brings her breakfast in bed most days, gives her foot rubs and neck massages and makes sure she has everything she needs, that she’s staying super hydrated and getting plenty of sleep and rest.”

Prince William and Kate share family photo

The royal couple recently made headlines after sharing a new family snap on their official Instagram.

The shot was taken by Princess Kate to celebrate her husband’s 42nd birthday.

In the caption, Kate wrote: “Happy birthday Papa, we all love you so much!” The image showcased a gleeful William, George, Charlotte and Louis jumping in mid-air.

And according to a royal expert, this adorable shot came with a hidden message from Kate.

“The last few months have been a test of their strong partnership. I think this photograph tells us that they are still able to jump for joy, even in the toughest of times, and that Kate has deliberately chosen a picture that speaks of their optimism for the future,” royal expert Jennie Bond told OK!.

She continued by asserting that the couple’s marriage is “stronger than ever”.

Prince Harry in suit
Has William ‘turned the page’ on Harry? (Credit: Cover Images)

Prince William and Harry

In more royal news, it’s been reported that Prince William has “turned the page” on his relationship with his estranged brother.

A source close to the royals opened up in a recent interview with MailOnline. They shared that the “trust” that once defined the bond between the brothers has irrevocably changed.

This revelation comes amid what has been described as a “nightmare” year for William. However, it seems the window for Harry to offer support has closed.

MailOnline correspondent Richard Kay wrote. “But for all the honeyed words of friends that Harry is prepared to do his bit at a time of royal crisis, that ship has surely sailed.”

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