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Meghan Markle ‘ready to sit down’ with royals for one key reason

According to a Royal commentator, Meghan Markle is purportedly prepared to engage in discussions with the Royal Family after being “genuinely hurt” by the Firm.
A royal insider has suggested that Meghan Markle is eager to arrange a reunion with the Royal Family after four years of limited contact. She is of the opinion that fostering better relations with her in-laws will “help her sell her jam.”

Since 2020, when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex resigned from their positions as working royals and relocated to the United States, they have maintained a rift with The Firm.
The couple has not refrained from making waves-making claims against the royals since their departure. The tension between Meghan and the family appears to be so intense that rumors suggest she “never wanted to set foot in Britain ever again.”

The Duchess of Sussex recently introduced her lifestyle brand, American Rivera Orchard.
The Sussexes’ most recent visit to the United Kingdom was in 2022 for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

According to OK!, a royal source has indicated that the Duchess is prepared to extend an olive branch to her distant in-laws, despite the fact that she is still “genuinely hurt.”

On GB News, royal expert Angela Levin disclosed that “She is still genuinely hurt by the way she was treated by the Royal Family – this is four years later.” She is now eager to finally settle down and discuss the matter.

Levin maintained that Meghan would prefer a public apology from the Royal Family, but she also stated that this notion appears to be unrealistic.

She concluded by saying: “The person who should apologise is really her, but they [Harry and Meghan] don’t want that.”

Additionally, the biographer claimed that a Royal insider stated that the Duchess believes that a reconciliation with the royals could conceivably “help her sell her jams” from her lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard..

She also disclosed that she is endeavoring to recruit individuals to assist her in the sale of her jams, with Beatrice and Eugenie being the individuals at the summit of her list. Furthermore, she is eagerly anticipating that King Charles may opt for one as well.

“It comes from quite a good source, and that would be her excuse to go there, she wanted to make sure everything was nice, but it’s also a way of selling her products.”

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